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Developed for anyone who wants the best for their website!

  • User-friendly features for any business, small or big, without coding
  • Freedom to build, customize, & present data tables faster
  • Drag and drop to build basic tables quickly
  • Design WooCommerce product store with organized & colorful tables
  • Unlimited tables & customizing options
Ninja Tables is user-friendly
Who developed Ninja Tables?

Who developed Ninja Tables?

WPManageNinja developers (a team of experts behind plugins like Fluent Forms, FluentSMTP, FluentCRM, etc.) made this plugin possible. 78K+ websites are enjoying Ninja Tables, thanks to our awesome and fun-loving team! From smart data display to customization, Ninja Tables does everything smoothly.

How does Ninja Tables stand out?

A truckload of features, dynamic data, responsive layout, multiple table creation functions, etc., makes Ninja Tables the best table plugin! The classic version is upgraded to a simple “Drag & Drop Table,” so even a noob can create, customize, & control tables.

How does Ninja Tables stand out?
Why use Ninja Tables?

Why use Ninja Tables?

Say no to long boring text paragraphs! Show any type of dynamic data- simple, complex, or massive, in smart tables to keep everything organized in one place. Load unlimited Google Sheets data, Fluent Forms entries, or WooCommerce products fast with visual data & more!

Ninja Tables Keeps All Your Data Organized

Users Love Ninja Tables!

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…allows you to create a simple integrated table with a Google Spreadsheet and display it on a website. The software is superb and support…

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The plugin is great, very complete, easy to use.
The customer service is fast and friendly.
Thanks Ninja Team.

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Love this plugin. Easy to update, intuitive interface, light and responsive functionality. I converted from TablePress and haven’t looked back.

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Great plugin and support. We asked for a new feature and it was implemented within a week.

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This plugin is awesome as are the ninja bros. Had some good support and plugin did what we needed easily.

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…my favorite table builder. Not only is it quick and easy to use, it’s the easiest one for my clients to understand…


It’s built for everyone- a newbie or an expert. The easy interface gives anyone the comfort of creating and customize dynamic tables without coding.

If you’re in a hurry or a basic table is all you need, the “Drag & Drop Table” function gives you what you’re looking for. Select the number of rows/columns and drag-and-drop cell elements to create a simple table.

The advanced table gives you lots of customization features. Create tables for WooCommerce business, embed forms or Google Sheets data, or create charts with table data. Try 100+ table styles & control the tables the way you want!

A dedicated support team works 24/7 to give you premium support for any query you have. Your feature requests or complaints will be taken care of.

We also offer detailed documentation and video tutorials so you can solve any problem by yourself.

The free version gives you many functionalities to create a basic table. But Ninja Tables Pro gives you everything to the maximum! Especially for business websites, the pro version works the best.

Only if you buy the annual license, you need to renew your license every year. But for the lifetime license, you don’t have to renew your license ever again!

Not a chance! Ninja Tables won’t weigh your website down, no matter how big your data table is or what device you’re using.

Craft Responsive Data Tables Fast!

Ninja Tables is the best table plugin to show data in an organized table format.