A Guide to Comparison Tables for Products, Services, and Features


Indecisions, cluelessly going back and forth between 10 tabs, and just getting more confused before a purchase- You’re not alone.

About 51% of people visit 4+ sites before finalizing a purchase. A comparison table is the ultimate solution. With main feature highlighted, comparison tables speed up decision-making and help consumers focus on the similarities and differences on-site.

You can see tables comparing products, pricing, or compare features on every website. It’s a must-have to show the audience what stands out.

We’ve curated the best comparison table example here using Ninja Tables.

No matter what you want to display or why you need a comparison table we guarantee you’ll find something in this list. Buckle up; it’s showtime.

When Do You Need a Comparison Table?

While comparison tables are commonly associated with high-involvement purchases, their utility extends beyond product comparisons. They are equally effective for:

  • Weighing the pros and cons of review posts, and blogs
  • Highlighting your preferred products or services to draw attention
  • Comparing basic characteristics of items for a quick overview
  • Subscription or package-based services, to show different features that come with each pricing plan or bundle
  • Best-selling products by highlighting its specialty, and quality over competitors
  • Showing features listed under price as why your product is priced the way it is and why it’s better than competitors

4 Types of WordPress Comparison Table

WordPress comparison table design is restrictive, leaving little to no room for customization. To get desired layouts, your last resort is to custom codes. Rather than building your table from scratch, WordPress table plugins save you time and effort.

More importantly, Ninja Tables makes it easy to create side-by-side product comparisons without hassle. With user-friendly customization and flexible layouts, you can effortlessly tailor tables to your liking without dealing with complex code.

Pricing comparison table

First up is a well-kept pricing comparison table design in Ninja Tables.

Over half (53%) of consumers prefer accessing competitors pricing on a retailer’s website, reducing the need to compare shop elsewhere.

Form Plugin
Demo Image
$109/ Per year
$169/ Per year
$369/ Per year
Demo Image
$79/ Per year
$129/ Per year
$299/ Per year
Demo Image
$49/ Per year
$79/ Per year
$399/ Per year

For your own service packages or products, pricing tables simplify product comparison, enabling customers to evaluate features easily and make informed decisions.

Single Site License
1 Domain License
Agency License
5 Domain License
50 Sites License
50 Domain License
Annual License
Annual License
Annual License
10 Business Email Piping
50 Business Email Piping
500 Business Email Piping
Unlimited Email Parsing
Unlimited Email Parsing
Unlimited Email Parsing
1 Year Plugin Update
1 Year Plugin Update
1 Year Plugin Update
1 Year Priority Support
1 Year Priority Support
1 Year Priority Support
All Features Included
All Features Included
All Features Included

It gives customers clear information and freedom to choose the plan that’s right for them.

Product comparison table

The purchase decision is a complex process. Choosing between similar products can be stressful. Comparing them across different pages is frustrating and confusing. 

Simplify this process with a product comparison table for a better user shopping experience.

iPhone 13
Demo Image
Demo Image
2022, February 09
2021, September 13
Available. Released 2022, February 24
Available. Released 2021, September 25
6.1 inches
6.1 inches
6.14 ounces
5.78 ounces
Apple A15 Bionic (5 nm)
Exynos 2200 (4 nm) - Europe
12 MP, f/1.6, 26mm (wide), 1.7µm, dual pixel PDAF, sensor-shift OIS
12 MP, f/1.6, 26mm (wide), 1.7µm, dual pixel PDAF, sensor-shift OIS
Li-Ion 3240 mAh, non-removable
Li-Ion 3000 mAh, non-removable

Pros and cons table

If you write review posts, consider using pros and cons tables to highlight the advantages and drawbacks of products/services.

Pros and cons tables provide quick summaries of products or topics, enhancing the overall reading experience.

Use it as a good content break and hook the reader.

Demo Image
Affordable pricing plan
No free trial
No Ad interruption
Buffering/low video quality
Lots of content choices
Regional content limitation
Original tv shows and movies
Delayed release
Varied audio/subtitle options
Unsatisfactory dubbing
Multiple platform choice
Account Sharing Challenges

Feature comparison table

People often compare options before making purchase decisions. Whether it’s choosing a product, or service provider, finding the best deal comes naturally with the process.

We often prioritize price, performance, and compare features when making decisions. Comparing options, and highlighting similarities and differences, helps users choose the best fit for their needs.

FeaturesNinja TableswpDataTablesTablePressWP Table Builder
Google Sheet data sync
Fluent Forms
WP Posts
Simple Table Creation Options
Drag & drop
Pre-built templates
Conditional formatting
Table design

Benefits of Using Comparison Tables on Your Site

Comparison shopping is crucial for convenience. For instance, 58% of consumers expect retailers to provide on-site comparative pricing tools. This is where comparison tables shine.

Here are a few good reasons why this strategy is effective:

  • Tables increase the readability of your content.
  • Comparison tables easily show differences and go more into detail.
  • Information laid out simply in plain sight reduces bounce rate.
  • It’s easier to skim through without jamming all the information.
  • The rows and columns format makes it easier to compare similar data.
  • Communicate information clearly and precisely to make the best choice.
  • Feature-based to help users pick the most appropriate plan.
  • Highlights the main features of product similarities and differences.
  • The pairing of information eases readability and comprehension.
  • Make the detailed information stand out more than any other.
  • Gives a clear understanding of why they should choose one over the other.

Comparison Table Best Practices

A product comparison table can also have some pitfalls if not used properly. Hence, it’s essential to abide by the 11 best practices for clear, intuitive table design-

  • Focus on your product rather than your competitor’s.
  • Pick the most important features to present.
  • Give visitors the information they care about such as features, and costs.
  • Experiment with layouts to ensure that visitors can scroll down smoothly.
  • Avoid using too many unnecessary cells as it creates confusion.
  • Simplify the comparison process to help them find the best plan easily.
  • Go for a layout that adds clarity; like side-by-side comparisons or a grid format.
  • Keep it unbiased! Customers prefer honest reviews over aggressive sales pitches.
  • For multiple product reviews, throw in filters for a customized user experience.
  • Light up the best pick with a badge like a ‘top choice’, ‘super saver’, or ‘popular’.
  • Use visual cues like highlights, or colors to draw attention to the user’s eye.

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The Golden Rule of Comparison Tables

Information scattered across separate pages, burdens users to memorize or open multiple tabs. Moving back and forth among them to compare and contrast between choices creates confusion.

It’s time-consuming and somewhat unorganized process, which can ultimately deter buyers. Displaying features, pricing, or other aspects in comparison tables is the only way to go.

Rather than depending on the WordPress comparison table, make your way with easy comparison table generator plugins. For starters, you can try Ninja Tables. It’s the only table plugin most equipped to give you anything you need!


Is it possible to add images or videos to a comparison table?

Yes! You can easily add images to your table simply using the drag-and-drop element of Ninja Tables.

Can I make my comparison tables mobile-responsive with these plugins?

Of course! Simply click ‘Enable responsive table’, and voila it’s fit for any device.

Is there any icon or badge to use in any column?

Yes! There are many icon styles already added to the library. Also, you can use the ‘Ribbon’ option to use as a badge in your comparison table.

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