Best Chart Plugins in WordPress: Improve UX with Interactive Charts

Best Chart Plugins in WordPress

Imagine turning complex data into engaging visuals using interactive charts and graphs. WordPress charts plugin can make this dream come true.

Only the smart ones, of course!

One Google search and you’ll get a list of the best chart plugins. But how do you know which plugin has it all?

We shortlisted some of the most useful plugins for charts in WordPress.

Discover how these plugins can bring data to life, making your WordPress site visually appealing and functionally dynamic.

Top 3 WordPress Chart Plugins for Data Visualization: Our Pick

What is the data visualization plugin for WordPress charts that won’t clutter up your dashboard or slow down the site performance?

Here are the 3 top-notch WordPress chart plugins to improve UX, engage your audience, and present data in interactive charts.

Ninja Charts

NinjaCharts - WordPress Data Visualization Plugins

Some of the best graphs and charts are simple and don’t even require a premium tool.

As a free charts plugin, Ninja Charts checks all the boxes, including ease of use and chart options.

It’s an intuitive plugin with a simple user interface, 10+ chart types, customization control, and most importantly, integration with Ninja Tables!

Ninja Charts features

  • 2 chart renderer options- Chart Js and Google Charts
  • 10+ chart types (line chart, bubble chart, bar chart, pie chart, etc.)
  • Users can create charts manually, or pull data from Ninja Tables and Fluent Forms
  • Chart design and layout customizations
  • Fully customizable chart colors, data range, position, etc.
  • Live preview
  • Embed with auto-generated shortcode
  • Responsive charts
  • SEO-friendly

With everything packed in one plugin, Ninja Charts is still free!

You can use it as a standalone plugin for charts even if you don’t use Ninja Tables.


Visualizer - WordPress Data Visualization Plugins

Visualizer is a reliable tool for WordPress charts and graphs even though not all functions are available for free.

The free version offers 9 types of chart creation options and if you get pro, you’ll get 6 more. The rendering technology uses HTML5 and SVG.

Visualizer features

  • 9 free chart types and 6 pro
  • Interactive charts
  • Export-import
  • Periodical data synchronization
  • Import from other charts (Premium)
  • Custom spreadsheet (Premium)
  • Frontend edit (Premium)

Some of its features may only be available in the pro version but for the best results, you need this tool.

The pro price starts from $99/year.


WPDataTables - WordPress Data Visualization Plugins

Just like Ninja Tables and Ninja Charts, wpDataCharts is auto-integrated with wpDataTables as a chart creation wizard. It works perfectly for your chart requirements.

Simply click the “Create a chart” option from the wpDataTables dashboard and you’ll be moved to a section where you can name the chart and select rendering engines.

wpDataCharts features

  • 4 chart renderer options- Google Charts, HighCharts (Pro), Chartjs., ApexCharts (Pro)
  • Multiple chart types
  • Create charts with data from wpDataTables (No manual chart option)
  • Customize chart design and layout
  • Auto-generated shortcode

wpDataCharts isn’t available as a standalone plugin. But you only have to install wpDataTables to get it.

TL;DR | Comparing Chart Plugins in WordPress

Demo Image
Demo Image
Demo Image
  • Chart Js. & Google Charts
  • 10+ chart types
  • Manual chart
  • Ninja Tables/Fluent Forms data
  • Fully customizable
  • Totally free
  • Works without Ninja Tables
  • HTML5 & SVG
  • 9 charts (6 pro)
  • Export-import
  • Periodical data sync
  • Spreadsheet (Pro)
  • Frontend edit (Pro)
  • Google Charts, HighCharts (Pro)
  • Chartjs., ApexCharts (Pro)
  • Multiple charts
  • Chart from wpDataTables
  • Custom design
  • Comes with wpDataTables

Charts for WordPress Data Visualization

“Data visualization is the language of decision-making. Good charts effectively convey information. Good charts enable, inform, and improve decision-making.“ – Dante Vitagliano, Founder at Trailmapper.

Charts are comprehensible faster and you can pick any chart type to present data.

Needless to say, charts cannot show data like images, videos, or links. You’re gonna need WordPress tables for that.

But for any other comparison or simple data showcasing, charts are your friends.

Check out Charts vs Tables.

Wrapping up

We could list a few more of the best chart plugins for WordPress, but narrowing it down to top 3 tools can help you decide better.

Ninja Charts is free and offers smart chart types, while Visualizer is pro, it’s a great option because of rich features and layout. And wpDataCharts is convenient for anyone using wpDataTables.

You could go with any of the 3 listed here. And if you think other interactive WordPress plugins deserve a spot, do let us know.

Make visualizing data fun and effective.

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