Ninja Tables Turns 6!

Ninja Tables turns 6

From a prototype built in a week to create one of the smartest table plugins with 80k+ users worldwide- Ninja Tables’ journey is worth celebrating!

The WPManageNinja brand you know today started the official journey with this table plugin in 2018.

Today Ninja Tables stands as a smart table plugin for organizing all sorts of dynamic data in customized tables, revamping the entirety of the data visualization scene.

We celebrated the awesome Ninja Tables’ 6th birthday with you guys and no celebration is complete without a cake!

Ninja Tables 6th birthday cake & the team

Let’s reflect on the remarkable achievements we’ve attained over the years.

Ninja Tables Journey in Numbers

Looking at the milestones we crossed this year.

Ninja Tables milestones

We take pride in our exciting content, user community, support, and bug-free experience. Definitely gearing up for more milestones next.

Giving you a flat 50% off is kind of a milestone since it’s very rare!

Get Ninja Tables FAST!

How Ninja Tables Evolved

It was a humble beginning indeed. The plugin was built overnight just to help one customer.

It was a pretty basic module that helped in creating simple tables with rows and columns.

Ninja Tables first version

Ninja Tables first version

Soon we rolled out features like:

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Google Sheets auto-sync
  • WP Posts table
  • Custom table colors
  • Multimedia support
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Conditional formatting and more!

Now Ninja Tables has everything you want in a table builder. Check out the features.

Helpful Resources

Not just features, Ninja Tables also focuses on giving you the best experience anywhere you’re connected with us in!

As a fairly new website (Launched on October 18, 2022), Ninja Tables has achieved more than we expected.

Content like blogs, informational newsletters, infographics, social media posts, and YouTube videos is free for all and accessible easily on our website.

Also, if you knock with a query, we reply with a solution!

Blogs: We’ve rolled out 60+ insightful blog pieces spanning various WordPress and many more areas.


Ninja Tables Blogs

Videos: Proudly presenting the Ninja Tables playlist under the umbrella of WPManageNinja.

Ninja Tables tutorials playlist

The playlist is a fusion of live-action tutorials, complemented by animations for an extra touch of entertainment when you start with Ninja Tables.

Social media and Newsletters: Our social posts come bearing gifts like coupon codes, sale/discount information, content links, solutions, and insights into our most visited content.

Don’t forget to grab Ninja Tables’ flat 50% off discount offer!

Get In touch with Ninja Tables

Moving on to newsletters- Another best way to stay in touch with you!

We are holding a steady 40% open rate and an average of 20% click rate. Our subscribers comment with their questions on the blogs we send right to their inboxes.

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Ninja Tables Listens to You

Plugin modifications, documentations, blogs, social media, newsletters, everything is always up-to-date so all your queries are answered.

Lately, we’ve been getting lots of questions in the comment section of our documentations or blogs. We reply with an answer you want to hear ASAP.

Of course, reviews like this kept us inspired. Ninja Tables now has over 350 five-star reviews!

Team Retreats

The full team enjoyed several getaways. A day out in a resort, vacation days at the beach, AGM, and sports day close to nature.

We enjoyed some much-needed breaks with tours, games, cultural programs, and revisiting our core values.


Now, sparing you from all the work-talk. We’re fun ninjas here!

Our yearly tradition? The most epic dinner and festivities – because we know how to have a good time. Last year set the bar high; this year, we’re turning it up a notch!


Our team has earned recognition as exemplary WordPress Core Contributors. This achievement highlights our commitment to excellence and contributing actively to the WordPress community.

WordCamp Festivities

We always look forward to WordPress meet-ups and different Word camps. This past year surpassed our expectations, marking a highlight in our journey.


Ninjas actively participated in WordCamp Asia in Thailand, WordCamp Europe in Greece, WordCamp Kathmandu, WC Kerala, WC Malaysia, and WordCamp Sylhet.

We eagerly await more events to attend this year.

What’s Next for Ninja Tables?

Ninja Tables has been a cornerstone for WPManageNinja and a trailblazer in the data visualization and table builder plugin market.

To tell you the truth, we’ve made some silly mistakes on our end. We realized we’re stuck with the same website design and demo tables for far longer than we would like.

So we’re planning on adding new designs and premade templates (customizable) with every kind of table style. All it will take is a simple click to download your favorite – and you’re good to go!

And besides regular plugin updates, you’re gonna see some changes in predefined color palettes and some new types of charts.

Stay tuned for more!

Surprise Birthday Treat for You!

Every day at WPManageNinja HQ is a blend of fun, excitement, and innovation.

As a birthday treat, we’re delighted to offer a very rare flat 50% off on all licenses!

Join the celebration and be a part of the fun! Thank you for being an indispensable part of our journey.

We’re always looking forward to making your WordPress data look smarter and better in data tables.

Ninja Tables Logo

Ninja Tables– Easiest Table Plugin in WordPress

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