Designing Data Tables for Christmas

design data tables for Christmas

Secret Santa at Christmas parties is fun. You don’t know who’s your Secret Santa and what gift you’ll be getting. Ninja Tables acts just like that (not so secretly!) by bringing unmissable features you didn’t know you could customize!

We’re talking about colorful tables that lift the mood up right away. Designing data tables for Christmas will add a festive vibe to your WordPress website and make your visitors want to engage.

This is where Ninja Tables comes and sweeps all the praises it deserves.

Coloring and designing data tables

Colors can deliver the right message for the right occasion. You wouldn’t want to change table colors to black when it’s Valentine’s Day, would you? It must be all pink, red, purple, and pastel tones.

Similarly, Christmas is a colorful festival itself, and you need to make an appealing table design for your audience.

Here’s how customizing Ninja Tables and designing data tables for Christmas works.

Table colors

Among many other things, Ninja Tables is famous for its color-customizing flexibility.

You can pick the “Predefined Scheme” or the “Custom Scheme” to change table designs anytime.

Change the table colors to show a Christmas feel everywhere using Ninja Tables!

For example, here’s an interactive color changing table live with “Predefined Schemes.”

NamePositionOfficeAgeStart dateSalary
Zorita SerranoSoftware EngineerSan Francisco562012/06/01$115,000
Zenaida FrankSoftware EngineerNew York632010/01/04$125,250
Yuri BerryChief Marketing Officer (CMO)New York402009/06/25$675,000
Vivian HarrellFinancial ControllerSan Francisco622009/02/14$452,500
Unity ButlerMarketing DesignerSan Francisco472009/12/09$85,675
Timothy MooneyOffice ManagerLondon372008/12/11$136,200
Tiger NixonSystem ArchitectEdinburgh612011/04/25$320,800
Thor WaltonDeveloperNew York612013/08/11$98,540
Tatyana FitzpatrickRegional DirectorLondon192010/03/17$385,750
Suki BurksDeveloperLondon532009/10/22$114,500
Sonya FrostSoftware EngineerEdinburgh232008/12/13$103,600
Shou ItouRegional MarketingTokyo202011/08/14$163,000
Shad DeckerRegional DirectorEdinburgh512008/11/13$183,000
Serge BaldwinData CoordinatorSingapore642012/04/09$138,575
Sakura YamamotoSupport EngineerTokyo372009/08/19$139,575
Rhona DavidsonIntegration SpecialistTokyo552010/10/14$327,900
Quinn FlynnSupport LeadEdinburgh222013/03/03$342,000
Prescott BartlettTechnical AuthorLondon272011/05/07$145,000
Paul ByrdChief Financial Officer (CFO)New York642010/06/09$725,000
Olivia LiangSupport EngineerSingapore642011/02/03$234,500
Michelle HouseIntegration SpecialistSidney372011/06/02$95,400
Michael SilvaMarketing DesignerLondon662012/11/27$198,500
Michael BruceJavascript DeveloperSingapore292011/06/27$183,000
Martena MccrayPost-Sales supportEdinburgh462011/03/09$324,050
Lael GreerSystems AdministratorLondon212009/02/27$103,500
Jonas AlexanderDeveloperSan Francisco302010/07/14$86,500
Jennifer ChangRegional DirectorSingapore282010/11/14$357,650
Jennifer AcostaJunior Javascript DeveloperEdinburgh432013/02/01$75,650
Jenette CaldwellDevelopment LeadNew York302011/09/03$345,000
Jena GainesOffice ManagerLondon302008/12/19$90,560

Color customizing Ninja Tables WooCommerce table is easy, and you get lots of options like-

  • Table header color
  • Text
  • Cell
  • Background
  • Footer
  • Border
  • Row/column
  • Hover

The “Table Design” window looks like this, and everything is ready for you to customize.

christmas product table colors

We have a dummy product table here to show you the colors and the Christmas vibes we tried to create. You can definitely make your tables look prettier!

Coloring in Drag & Drop

The “Drag & Drop Table” module in Ninja Tables will help you color tables as you want, but the layout is different.

design product tables

In short, coloring everything and anything is possible when it’s Ninja tables!

Background image

This is how you can literally change the appearance of your WordPress table.

Using simple CSS and a Christmas background image, you can change how the table background looks in Ninja Tables.

Blue Hoodie (Zipper)Blue Hoodie (Zipper)Hoodies Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $35.00.
Hoodie with LogoHoodie with LogoHoodies$45.00
Hoodie with PocketHoodie with PocketHoodies Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $35.00.
Hoodie with ZipperHoodie with ZipperHoodies$45.00

*It’s a dummy table. No order will be placed.

Here’s how to upload a table background image:

Step 1: Use CSS code in the “Custom CSS” window-

upload background image for Christmas

#footable_parent_NT_ID .foo-table{
background-image: URL(‘Paste the image from your media‘);

Step 2: Pick a suitable image from your media & copy the link.

Step 3: Replace the text Paste the image from your media with the image link.

Step 4: Click save.

A little more CSS will control the image position, size, and opacity when needed.

Change the table background image anytime just by replacing the link with another image.

How about an image with a gift-bearing Santa in the background? Try it, and let us see your masterpiece!

WooCommerce button color

Default WooCommerce features are barely customizable. However, Ninja Tables will let you change the default add to cart button color!

woocommerce button color

The default color for the “Add to cart” button is purple and white, but we changed it to maroon and white.

Of course, this needs some CSS tinkering, but it’s super simple.

change button color

.nt_button_woo {
background: maroon !important;
color: white !important;

Column highlight

When it’s Christmas, deals and discounts start like crazy! And Ninja Tables “Drag & Drop Table” option brings you a “column highlight” feature, so your target audience focuses on the column you want.

1 domain
Upto 20 domains
Unlimited domains
1 Year Plugin Update
1 Year Plugin Update
1 Year Plugin Update
1 Year Priority Support
1 Year Priority Support
1 Year Priority Support
All Features Included
All Features Included
All Features Included

Change the highlight color and the column/cell colors to fit the Christmas mood!

Learn more about “Drag & Drop.”

Wrapping up

Christmas table decoration isn’t just about your dining room now! Your WordPress data tables also need some sprucing up, and with Ninja Tables, it gets a lot more fun and exciting.

Color your online tables by throwing on some happy and Christmas-y colors, or upload a table background image to personalize.

P.S.- There’s a lot you can do with Ninja Tables WooCommerce!

Ninja Tables makes designing data tables for Christmas simpler. Design better data tables for products or pricing plans and see your visitors become regular and, eventually, customers.

Enjoy organizing your WordPress data using this table builder plugin. Merry Christmas to you!

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