A Beginner’s Guide to Ninja Tables Drag and Drop Builder

Ninja Tables Drag and Drop Table Plugin | Beginner's Guide

A perfectly organized and smart-looking website is hard to find. Displaying data in a table makes things much easier for the audience. With a WordPress drag and drop table plugin, your website can look the most organized.

And we bring Ninja Tables for that. Create tables in no time with the drag-and-drop table element function. It’s like a table builder in a table builder!

How to use Ninja Tables drag and drop table feature

The recent update tweaked and fixed many previous features of this table plugin. However, adding the “Drag & Drop” module was a game-changer!

Creating advanced and stylish tables with the feature-packed plugin was already a massive deal. But users can now also create simple tables by dragging or repositioning table cell elements.

First of all, install and activate Ninja Tables on your WordPress dashboard.

P.S.- “Drag and Drop” is available in the free version
(Some cell elements are pro)

You can create a drag and drop table by picking any of the following options.

Manually create a table with drag & drop

Create a drag and drop data table

Step 1: Click the “+/-” buttons or type the desired numbers to add rows and columns

Step 2: Click “Create”

Step 3: Pick and drag any table element to drop on the table

You can drop multiple elements in one cell.

dynamic table cell celements


import a file into Ninja Tables

This feature is amazing because you can edit any table with the drag-and-drop options when you import its CSV/JSON file.

  • Drop the imported file to upload
  • Paste the URL of the table you want to import (Pro)

If you have a WooCommerce product table made with advanced Ninja Tables features, you can import the table here and customize it with the star rating element or buttons.

Add star rating in your WordPress table

Edit prebuilt table templates

Finally, here’s the fun part!

No need to break a sweat to build tables from scratch. Ninja Tables drag and drop gives you four prebuilt templates you can customize per your requirement.

premade WordPress table templates
  • Pricing Tables
  • Comparison Tables
  • Employee Tables
  • Schedule Tables

The tables are made with dummy data. You can change everything, including row/column numbers, cells, colors, etc.

Ninja Tables pricing table

Customization features of Ninja Tables drag & drop table

When you enter the drag-and-drop editor, you’ll find three primary tabs-

Other than these, two buttons sit on top of the table-


Drag and drop table elements
General table elementsAdvanced table elements
TextStyled list
RatingText icon


Ninja Tables settings basic mode
  • Cell padding
  • Text alignment
  • Separate columns/rows
  • Height/width
  • Header
  • Even row
  • Odd row
  • First row
  • First column
Accessibility (Table role)
  • Table
  • Presentation
  • List
  • Row group
  • Table border size
  • Border color
  • Inner border
  • Inner border color/size
Global Style
  • Margin top
  • Font size
  • Font color
  • Font family
Export Table
  • CSV
  • JSON


Ninja Tables responsive
GeneralEnable responsive table
Mode optionsFor mobile, tablet, & desktop
Top row as header
Static top row

Manage cells

Click on a cell to get cell-specific options.

Hold the “Shift” button on your keyboard and select multiple cells to merge them together. Do the same to split cells.

manage table cells(merge/split)

The selected cell will be highlighted for you to manage anything about it.

Other than managing stuff like merge/split or row/column settings, you can also select a column to add a background highlight on it.

Simply click on a column and pick the box shadow color from the menu.

column highlight

Customize the pricing tables for your webstore fast!


This is a quick-designing way, so you don’t need to go to settings and change colors.

Customizing in Ninja Tables drag and drop builder

Ninja Tables features: Quick overview

As we’ve mentioned, the “drag-and-drop” feature is available in free and pro versions of Ninja Tables. It’s an extra table creation mode and contains some exclusive features of its own. For example, star rating, progress, list items, etc.

Get a quick overview of all the features below.

Unlimited data check check
Multimedia check remove
WooCommerce product table check remove
Google Sheets Auto-sync check remove
Drag & drop table builder check check
Fluent Forms integration check check
Custom color scheme check remove
Import-export check check
Conditional formatting check remove
Transform value check remove
WP posts check remove
Pre-built templates check check
Custom filter check remove
Select Field, Lightbox, & Button/Link check remove
Cell merge check check Drag & Drop
Stackable tables check remove
Ribbon, icon, styled list elements check remove
Charts check check

Powered by Ninja Tables

And there’s more to this plugin if you know your way around it.

Check out the docs or learn the different ways to create a table online.

Finishing Notes

Ninja Tables is already a fully customizable and feature-packed table plugin. And “Drag and Drop” is a bonus addition to the menu. This entire plugin gives you maximum flexibility and customizing options to create smart and responsive tables in no time!

With or without this drag-and-drop function, Ninja Tables is the best WordPress table plugin out there! But this new addition definitely makes it more irresistible.

Drag and drop table elements to create smart online tables and stop worrying about big data arrangement.

Ninja Tables Logo

Ninja Tables– Easiest Table Plugin in WordPress

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