Get in The Spirit of Holiday Sales with 13 Halloween Marketing Ideas


Embrace the festive spirit, no one wants to be a buzzkill! With Halloween just lurking around the corner, it’s a delightful trip down memory lane filled with chocolates, costumes, spooky decorations, and the joy of trick-or-treating.

But who says the magic of Halloween is only for our childhood? Even as adults, we can relive those cherished moments with enchanting Halloween marketing ideas. These ideas have the potential to cast a spell of success on your business during this eerie season.

Clearly, folks like to splurge on the fright and delight of this autumn celebration.

As marketing trends change swiftly, the excitement fades after the first half of the year, until Octoberfest’s spooky arrival. It’s a time for dressing up, and stocking up chocolates for kids (though, let’s be honest, much of it ends up in our own bellies!).

We’ve cast our spell and conjured up horrifyingly good ideas to inspire you.

13 (Not Unlucky!) Halloween Marketing Ideas

Seasonal marketing campaigns add excitement to your marketing efforts and generally receive a more positive response than regular ones. Businesses are already gearing up for this deliciously spooky season.

If you’re new to the Halloween marketing game, don’t worry, we’re here to transform you from a marketing Grinch into a festive enthusiast.

But it’s not just about dressing up stores; your website needs to join in the Halloween fun too. Let’s explore some Halloween marketing ideas for a change.

Tailoring your approach to your budget allows you to incorporate a wide range of Halloween promotion ideas.

Imagine combining the power of social media Halloween interactive posts, Halloween ads, and all those marketing into a thrilling experience extravaganza!

Halloween-themed web decoration

To kickstart your Halloween marketing campaigns, why not give your website a twisty and witty Halloween makeover?

  • Infuse the spirit of Halloween into your landing pages, banners, and product pages, creating spooky-chilling online experiences.
  • Integrate unique Halloween themes on landing pages and product pages.
  • Seasonal themes also work wonders for your social media content.
  • Your user-friendly landing page serves as an ideal hub for linking your social audience to access special promotions and other enticing incentives.

Seasonal landing pages are a key component of your SEO strategy, delivering maximum revenue during peak periods, gathering valuable data for future planning, and enhancing your website’s authority with search engines through earned backlinks.

This kind of proactive approach can help you get to the start earlier than your competitors, giving you an advantage in capturing those who are early (or late) to the expected seasonal party.


Some Halloween-themed website decoration ideas are-

  • Buttons
  • Customized CTA
  • Popup message bot
  • Pop up banner
  • Creepy crawler animations

Custom Halloween discount popups

Who doesn’t love discounts and sales every now and then? Get in the wave of holiday seasons by adding something special for users. Give out discounts or coupon codes for users.

  • Use spooky cute ghosts carrying banners of % of discount or promo code.
  • Dancing Spidey web vanishing revealing the discount countdown,
  • A magic wand wave revealing sales percentage.
  • Pumpkins create suspense about the Halloween deal.

Halloween popups offer an exciting way to engage your visitors, boost conversions, and add a seasonal flair to your online offerings.


Remember, too many popups in a short time can be as scary as a haunted house! So, make sure to sprinkle this magic reasonably.

Some popular and effective types of Halloween popups for e-commerce businesses include-

  • Halloween Email Sign-up Popups
  • Limited-time Offers
  • Coupon Popups
  • Gamified Halloween Popups
  • Halloween Exit Intent Popups
  • Personalized Recommendations

Halloween sales promotion

Holidays are a prime opportunity because they create new needs and drive the consumption of a wide range of services and products. Let’s face it, everyone enjoys freebies and prizes!

That’s brought to people by well-designed Halloween campaign ideas.

  • Show your creative energy while promoting the Halloween sale on the website.
  • Get creative with the way you highlight or showcase the sale countdown or banner.
  • Try integrating Halloween-themed displays for the promotional message.
  • Show them you’re willing to go the extra mile to provide a great experience.

Sale countdown to the witching hour

Countdowns aren’t limited to New Year’s Eve; A Halloween countdown can get your audience pumped.

Leverage the FOMO effectively on your homepage. Consider adding countdown timers as pop-ups in blog posts, but keep the intervals short to avoid overwhelming visitors.

Get a signup tab or popups asking for an email address offering tips, suggestions about Halloween celebrations or dress up, or any notification of sales or regular newsletter.

Halloween-themed email campaign

Ready to cast a spell and bewitch your competitors this Halloween? Look no further!

Craft a Halloween-themed eerie email featuring a witty subject that intrigues current customers and newsletter subscribers.

  • Spook up your Halloween email subject lines.
  • Use thematic design or email templates.
  • Add some treats to your email marketing campaign, and highlight sales and promotions.
  • Possibly add a countdown feature so it creates urgency among users.
  • Have fun with Halloween puns and humor (depending on the target recipient).
  • Build suspense with a Halloween email teaser.
Halloween_email _template

Some Halloween newsletter ideas for you-

  • Share Halloween deals or discounts
  • Share Halloween tips
  • Decoration ideas
  • Party suggestions locally
  • Safety tips and precautions
  • Popular trends and costumes etc.

During holidays like Halloween, it’s common for people to eagerly check their emails for the best offers and promotions. People expect a delightful offer on holidays. Keep this in mind!

Halloween-themed social media marketing campaign

Your aim is to make noise, improve your social media presence, and boost brand awareness while fostering a personal connection with your audience.

Use your social media presence to build content around the Halloween theme, with hashtags to help customers find you.

For example, #halloweenexpress #wednesdayadamscostume, #halloweendecorDIY.

You can try to incorporate brand hashtags with Halloween hashtags.

Even if you don’t have Halloween-related merchandise, social media posts with factoids about the holiday can drive interest in your shop and build brand awareness.

You’d be amazed by the results!

  • Leverage Instagram stories or reels creatively.
  • Ask about their favorite childhood Halloween item and link it to your products.
  • Costume sellers can host costume photo competitions online for customers.
  • Ask them to tag their friends, or share the promo graphic on their feed.
  • Give prizes to the most liked photos on social media platforms.

Halloween themed UGC

The UGC campaign needs to be pitched differently on each of your social media channels.

Overall, UGC Halloween campaign helps you attract customers’ attention. The ultimate goal is to connect with them on a human level. Be relatable as much as you can.

It helps to drive organic traffic to your website and landing page.

  • Ask them what makes them reminisce about Halloween.
  • What their adult Halloween is like.
  • Ask them to share a spooky or fun website if they come across it.
  • Inspire your customers to dress up their pets and share their photos online.

In exchange, offer the winning participants special giveaways for their next purchase, discounts, or bundle offers.

Gamify your webpage

Have fun with interactive gamified popups on social media or websites. Customers love to engage in those games and win coupon codes, vouchers, and bundle offers.

Like fun survival games, guess the killer, spot the difference, etc. for fun.
Introduce level games such as, “Keep the Vampire Away” with multiple choices and give prizes away or discount code for winners.

  • Create a website treasure hunt for hidden promo codes as a way to host a virtual trick-or-treat event for customers to discover exclusive offers.
  • For lead generation, hold quizzes like “What’s Your Halloween Costume?”
  • You can also add trendy movie character quizzes. Like “Which Addams Family character are you?”

Collect data efficiently by using the quiz to gather email addresses, and send customized newsletters to those registered. A Halloween interactive post helps to engage visitors.

Just to give you a gist of what gamifying looks like, Coca-Cola GB has started a fun mini-game project.

Coca-Cola Fanta game

Blog Posts about Halloween

Don’t make it all about marketing and promotions!

Sure, you want a steady flow of visitors to your blog, but it’s also exciting to surf the seasonal waves as they roll in.

Not every product will corroborate with the suggestions you’re making on blogs. It’s okay to leave some marketing plans behind this holiday season.

  • Seasonal long-tail keywords often face less competition than regular ones.
  • Embracing seasonal search queries can bring new readers to your blog.
  • By sprinkling some Halloween festivities in blogs, you can win your users over.
  • Value-added content appeals to users and increases engagement rate.

Surprise readers by providing tips, suggestions, Halloween theme decorations, or ideas. Link the products listed in the post if needed, and make sure that visitors are redirected to the sales section of your website.

Brew up some Halloween ads

Set aside space for PPC and other advertising media. Revamp your social media and other platform advertisements with short clips, animated gifs, how-to videos, and themed stories. Create enticing subject lines with a Halloween theme to increase engagement.

Take the Halloween ad by Pepsi poking fun at Coca-Cola. Pepsi dressed up as Coca-Cola for Halloween creating a global buzz. Like that, viral ads and marketing hacks organically amplify and push a product or service message.


Halloween advertising helps to get the words out there, and if it works, the customers will advocate for you.

It’s a time to let loose and embrace the madness, so don’t hold back—go wild!

This creative approach not only adds originality but also gives an opportunity to explore the brand’s creative side.

Summon influencer wizards for collaboration

People browse their favorite influencer’s social feeds for inspiration. Tap into influencer marketing to broaden your appeal to a wider audience and boost industry authority.

Gain social proof through collaborations with relevant influencers.
Who knows! Their unique use of products might create new trends and needs.

For instance, Huda Beauty’s Halloween collaboration with influencers featured spooky, movie-inspired makeup using their products. They shared on Instagram with brand tags. This generated a buzz, extending the brand’s relevance.

Product bundles

People like matching family outfits, couple costumes, or even pet costumes for Halloween. They look for different accessories or even home decorations that match the whole aesthetic.

Leverage this trend and offer product bundles.

  • Children’s costumes with couple costumes.
  • Owner and pet matching costume.
  • Garden ghost decorations with costumes.
  • Bundle offers with incentives like 20% off.
  • Add offers at checkout – ‘You may also like’, ‘Complimentary add-ons’, ‘Bundle offer’.

Even if your offerings aren’t Halloween-related, consider offering discounts on your most popular year-round items or services to appeal to savvy shoppers looking to save costs.

Mystical packaging for Halloween

Always consider making your packaging reusable, especially during Halloween. People love using them for various purposes, and it serves as a memorable souvenir that keeps your brand in their minds, fostering loyalty.

For instance, Fanta’s creative approach to roll with Halloween festivities is renowned globally.


These cans are reusable as Halloween decor. This is brilliant because people might want the whole collection and boost Fanta can sales.

Going all out on packaging might not be ideal for all businesses, but you can start simple. Halloween-themed elements like cutouts, colors, or graphics for a spooky touch. Add eerie cards, candies, or Halloween treats for that extra festive flair.

Key Takeaways of Halloween Marketing Campaign

Halloween presents a unique opportunity for marketers. A thoughtfully designed interactive campaign can create an impression that extends well beyond the holiday.

It offers small businesses the chance to connect with their audience and gather data through engaging campaigns.

Bring in these Halloween marketing ideas together and align them with the brand value and budget. Prepare your website for all the visitors, shopping craze, and browsing load over this ghostly season.

Now with all those wrapped up, how will you give your product tables a Halloween-y look that doesn’t compromise your website’s quality and speed?

If you run a WooCommerce store, displaying products in smart customizable tables will engage more customers. Design the table with Halloween colors, background images, and tweak it for a Halloween vibe!

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Keen to learn more?

If our marketing tips excite you, stay in the loop for all the knowledge we wanna share with you. Get the magical treats sent right to you!

Wishing you a hauntingly good season and loads of luck with your campaigns.

P.S.- What’s your Halloween costume this year?

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