Best TablePress Alternatives to Make Data Tables More Efficient

Top TablePress Alternatives

Tables are an excellent way of presenting information logically and aesthetically. Because they can quickly scan the table for the data that applies to them, readers can use them to understand quantitative data and statistics better.

There are classic editors and Gutenberg to build and integrate tables into your content. However, better solutions are available for creating tables in WordPress with a table builder plugin.

If you are searching for a table builder plugin, maybe you already know about TablePress review, one of the leading products in this niche, with 800k+ active installations.

This article will discuss the eligibility of TablePress and show you our expert-picked top TablePress alternatives for creating online data tables.

What TablePress offer, and what does it lack?

TablePress was a free and open-source WordPress plugin that lets you create attractive and responsive tables on your website. Users can easily use the plugin without prior coding or HTML knowledge.

TablePress now comes with three pricing tiers with a lot of varieties of functionalities.

Basic TablePress features.
$ 79 / year*
More features for your visitors!
$ 189 / year*
Even better table management!
Table management and editing
Unlimited tables
Embed via Block or Shortcode
Import from files
Export of tables
Basic table options
Styling with CSS code
Plugin Documentation
Frequently Asked Questions
Community Forums Support
All Features of TablePress Free
Priority Email Support
Responsive Tables
Fixed Rows and Columns
Row Grouping
Counter Column
Column Filter Dropdowns
Individual Column Filtering
Alphabet Search
Automatic Filter
Automatic Table Export
All Features of TablePress Pro
Priority Email Support with Personal Success Manager
Custom Search Builder
Automatic Periodic Table Import
Advanced Access Rights
Advanced Loading
Server-side Processing

TablePress pricing table made with Ninja Tables

It’s an amazing plugin for beginners but lacks some basic features of a good table builder plugin. Such as,

  • It takes a long time to initiate the advanced editor.
  • Built-in styling customization is limited.
  • Although it isn’t responsive out of the box, you must use an extension to make it so.
  • You have to enter the data or import it from a spreadsheet manually.
  • It doesn’t contain any front-end editing feature. You’ll need extensions to make it happen.
  • Overall, TablePress depends on many extensions for different advanced table features.

There are several plugins out there. TablePress is obviously one of the most popular, with a quarter million users and more than 4k reviews.

But it’s not the best option when it comes to creating attractive and responsive tables. Other plugins offer a much more enticing front end and may suit your requirements more effectively.

To help you to find the best table plugin, we have handpicked a list of the top 5 alternatives of TablePress for creating tables.

Top 5 TablePress alternatives

Nevertheless, TablePress is not the single option, nor is it the best one. You can find a better substitute if you want eye-catching and responsive tables. Here are some of them.

Ninja Tables

Homepage Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables provide dynamic features to help you design, configure, set up, and personalize your tables. All of that is possible without any prior coding knowledge. You can easily create stunning responsive tables with it.

First of all, take note of the multitude of features it has to offer!

Features of Ninja Tables: 

  • Easy User Interface to make tables easily.
  • Drag and drop table builder.
  • Super fast loading tables.
  • A lot of table styling options.
  • Stackable and responsive tables.
  • WP post and Fluent Forms Integrations
  • Easiest export import option from CSV and JSON.
  • Deeply integrated Ninja Charts.

And with the premium version of it, you can create magic. There are many great options for you with the premium version of that. Such as,

  • Image and media in the tables
  • WooCommerce integration.
  • Google Sheets integration.
  • Cell merge.
  • Conditional formatting

…& so on.

Walloping 80,000+ websites use this data table builder for their WordPress website and are excelling in their business with its help.


Ninja Tables has a free version in the WordPress repository. And the premium version starts at $59.00 (a special discount for you!) for a single-site annual license.

Plugin Name
Annual Pricing
View More
Ninja Tables
  • 1 Site - $59
  • Agency - $98
  • Unlimited-$224


wpDataTables homepage

Here is another plugin to help you update and customize your website. It has many different features. Therefore, it undoubtedly holds one of the top positions on this list!

Features Of wpDataTables:

  • Responsive design.
  • Conditional formatting.
  • Integrated wpDataCharts.
  • Sorting & advanced filtering.
  • Multiple databases like MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Row grouping.
  • Pre-filtering and calculating
  • Layout and word wrap
  • Integration with wpBakery page builder

The community of wpDataTables users is huge, with more than 60,000 users.


wpDataTables is free in the WordPress repository with limited features. And the basic pro version starts yearly from $69.00 for a Single Site.

Plugin Name
Annual Pricing
View More
  • 1 Domain - $56
  • 3 Domains - $82
  • Unlimited - $175

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder homepage

It is simple for website owners and has a drag-and-drop table plugin. After you install and activate it, the rest of the job is smooth sailing! Create responsive and impressive tables with this plugin.

Features of WP Table Builder:

  • Basic element and customization offering text, image, list, button, star rating, custom HTML, and shortcode
  • Mobile responsive:
  • Varieties tables
  • Cell management
  • HTML code, ordering, pagination:

This plugin has some limitations, but it’s super easy to follow! Even the free version contains a lot of features.


WP Table Builder offers a free plugin for beginners. The starter pack of single site costs $59/year with a 1-year update and support.

Plugin Name
Annual Pricing
View More
WP Table Builder
WP Table Builder
  • 1 Site - $59
  • 1000 Site - $179

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic homepage

This plugin is quite as handy as the others. You can create a responsive table and enjoy lots of features. The most amazing feature it offers is its calculation. You can sort your table based on the calculation.

Features of Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

  • You can create large tables 
  • Tables support responsive mode
  • Diagrams, graphs, and charts are available
  • Table calculation
  • It contains sorting, pagination, search
  • Front-end editing supported in the pro version
  • Import-export enabled
  • Media and link attachments
  • Database source supports unlimited storage of tables
  • Color control and auto-update enabled
  • SEO friendly table


Data Tables Generator by Supsystic offers a free lite version. Its personal plan for a single site starts at $46 yearly.

Plugin Name
Annual Pricing
View More
Data Tables Generator by Supsystic
  • Single Site - $46
  • 5 Sites- $149
  • 6+ Sites - $149

League Table

League Table By DAEXT

League Table comes with multiple-site compatibility and a multi-language option. The tables are ultra-responsive and easy to customize. There are also a lot of varieties of functions.

Features of League Table:

  • Easy spreadsheet editing
  • Sortable columns let you find yours easily
  • Customization options to make your table more stunning.
  • You can add Images and links to the tables 
  • Mobile responsive tables
  • Highlight cells and calculate 
  • Multi-language
  • Import-Export option

The primary purpose of this plugin was to track scores for sports. But the immense amount of features makes this plugin worthwhile. Most importantly, League Table is a plugin within reach.


League Table plugin starts at $39/year only with six months of support from DAEXT.

Plugin Name
Annual Pricing
View More
League Table
  • Regular - $39
  • Extended - $195

Special Mentions

Above, we listed the top 10 alternatives to TablePress. But there are a few more worth mentioning.

  • WP Table Manager
  • Posts Table Pro
  • Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table
  • Visualizer
  • WP Responsive Table

What’s the best TablesPress alternative?

Above in this article, we discussed many plugins that can help you make your website table. All of them have various characteristics and features. Tiresome all of them are eligible as a table builder plugin.

Now is your turn to elect the best plugin for your website that meets all your requirements.

We recommend Ninja Tables here. You can see all the tables of this article above and below made by this robust table builder plugin. The table builder is designed after thousands of customer feature requests. Our developers made it as easy as possible for the users, even without using a single line of code.

Now it’s time to compare TablePress with Ninja Tables, as it’s a good alternative to this.

Ninja Tables Vs TablePress

FeaturesNinja TablesTablePress
Unlimited data check check
Media attachment check check
WooCommerce product table check remove
Drag & drop table builder check remove
Auto-sync with Google Sheets check remove
Sort and filter check check
Fluent Forms integration check remove
Charts check remove
Custom color scheme check check
Import-export check check
Custom filter check remove
Conditional formatting check remove
Transform value check remove
Pre-built templates in drag & drop check remove
Cell merge check remove
Frontend editing check remove
Button/Star rating/List check remove
PriceStarts at $49/yrFree (Paid Extensions)

Concluding Remarks on the Best Alternative

Many alternative plugins are worth your attention. So, finding the best one of these WordPress table plugins is not easy.

Of the many alternative options for TablePress, at least one will work for you. If you need more to know about those, visit each plugin’s website, and check the features section. You can also check wpDataTables alternatives to find the best way to visualize your table data.

Signing off for now. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to comment below to merge your thoughts with us.

Ninja Tables Logo

Ninja Tables– Easiest Table Plugin in WordPress

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