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wpDataTables vs Ninja Tables

Pretty sure you want your website appearance to be neat and clean. But sometimes, it gets messy because of a huge load of unorganized data. That’s where WordPress table plugins join the conversation.

Ninja Tables and wpDataTables reign in every top table plugin list because of their user-friendly features, support, and ease of use.

These two have a sizeable user community and good ratings. So, it can be confusing for a newbie to choose one of them for their website.

But no worries! We’ll show a comparative study of Ninja Tables vs wpDataTables, taking their enticing features and functionalities into account.

Ninja Tables Vs wpDataTables: Best WordPress table plugins compared

As two of the top competitor plugins in WordPress, Ninja Tables and wpDataTables are almost neck-to-neck when we compare features. However, there are a lot of other aspects to check.

Here’s a detailed look at Ninja Tables vs wpDataTables to compare the two best WordPress table plugins.

By the end of this article, you can decide which table plugin to pick for your website.

P.S.-All tables embedded here are made with Ninja Tables.

Table types

Both plugins have multiple options to help create online tables. But only Ninja Tables gives you a drag-and-drop table builder plugin.

9 Ninja Tables table types
6 wpDataTables table types
  • Default
  • Drag & Drop Table
  • Import Table
  • Connect Fluent Forms
  • WP Posts
  • WooCommerce Table
  • Connect Google Sheets
  • Connect External CSV
  • Custom SQL Query
  • Simple Table from Scratch
  • Table Linked to Existing Data Source
  • Manual
  • Import from Data Source
  • Generate Query to WordPress Database
  • Generate a Query to MySQL Database


The whole point of using a table plugin is to make data arrangement easier. And a plugin with smooth functionality is what you need.

Ninja Tables User-friendliness
wpDataTables User-friendliness
Free & Pro both
(Free limited)
9 table creation options
6 table creation options
Drag & drop builder
Google Sheets
5 free table creation options
2 free table creation options
Charts (Free)


Organizing a massive amount of data in online tables is only helpful when the table fits all types of device screens. Pick the plugin that ensures maximum responsiveness regardless of screen sizes.

Ninja Tables and wpDataTables are responsive and allow users to choose responsive breakpoints. You can hide table columns if you want.

The “Stackable table configuration” feature in Ninja Tables lets you choose the target device for responsiveness.

Ninja Tables advanced table builder and drag-and-drop builder are both responsive and can be seen in real-time.


Even when a plugin is an all-rounder, it needs a third-party integration for some extra actions.

Ninja Tables Integrations
wpDataTables Integrations
Fluent Forms
Google Sheets auto-sync
Charts (Ninja Charts- Free)
(wpDataCharts- Pro)
WP Posts
SQL Query & CSV
Fetches data from any form published in a page
Formidable Forms, Forminator, Gravity Forms


The real fun in WordPress tables is when you can customize every feature with or without CSS. See which plugin is more customizable between Ninja Tables and wpDataTables.

Ninja Tables Customization
wpDataTables Customization
Table colors
Custom CSS
Edit in drag-and-drop builder
Pre-built table templates
Frontend editing
Transform value
Conditional formatting
Column customization
3 design library

Core features

The more useful features the plugin has, the better it is. So, guess what happens here!

FeaturesNinja TableswpDataTables
Unlimited data check check
Multimedia check check
WooCommerce product table check remove
Google Sheets check check
Drag & drop table builder check remove
Fluent Forms integration check remove
Custom color scheme check check
Custom filter check remove
Charts check check
Conditional formatting check check
Transform value check remove
WP posts check remove
Pre-built templates check remove
Gravity Forms remove check
Cell merge check check
Ribbon/badge check remove


Since customers are king, you can always rely on the reviews and testimonials from happy customers.

wpDataTables reviews
Ninja Tables reviews (left) & wpDataTables reviews (right)

As you can see, Ninja Tables (left) is rated 4.6, and wpDataTables (right) is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

And the most recent reviews by real users are satisfying too!

Ninja Tables reviews
Ninja Tables reviews

Pardon us, we couldn’t help but brag a little with these Ninja Tables reviews!

Support and documentation

Both plugins have awesome customer support and detailed documentation.

FYI, here’s what happy Ninja Tables users have to say about the support team.

Ninja Tables support reviews
Ninja Tables support team


Finally, it all comes down to this!

After comparing features and functionalities, you can pick the plugin you think is worthy.

Ninja Tables price (USD)
(Spring Sale)
wpDataTables price (USD)
Single site 59$
Single site 247$
Basic $56
(1 domain)
Basic $160
(1 domain)
Agency 98$
(Upto 20 websites)
Agency 399$
(20 sites)
Pro $82
(3 domains)
Pro $292
(3 domains)
Unlimited sites 224$
Unlimited sites 599$
Developer $175
(Unlimited domains)
Developer $413
(Unlimited domains)

Honorable mentions

Table plugins vary in different functionalities. Each has its own exclusive usage.

That’s why we got some honorable mentions here.

  • WP Table Builder
  • TablePress
  • Posts Table Pro
  • Visualizer

And to make better decisions, you can check out wpDataTables alternatives.

What now?

Currently, Ninja Tables and wpDataTables are the two best WordPress table plugins because of their awesome features and user-friendliness.

Both plugins are easy to use and ensure maximum types of table creation. But judging all 9 criteria here, Ninja Tables definitely stands out.

We’ve briefly explained the details of Ninja Tables vs wpDataTables, using the same approach as Ninja Tables vs WP Table Builder.

Hopefully, now you can decide which table plugin is best for your WordPress website.

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Ninja Tables– Easiest Table Plugin in WordPress

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