Ninja Tables & WP Table Builder Compared

Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder| Best Table Plugin

It’s hard to pick one table plugin for a WordPress website because the list is long. However, we can narrow it down to the top two, depending on the ease of use- Ninja Tables and WP Table Builder. But which one to pick ultimately? Here we’ll discuss Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder as a comparative study.

We picked these 2 because they offer a drag and drop table builder function, unlike many other table plugins. On top of that, they both are unique in their own way. While WP Table Builder only offers a drag and drop function, Ninja Tables offers beyond that.

Get a first-hand experience in using Ninja Tables and WP Table Builder after you’re done checking out these points below-

Let’s begin.

Detailed Comparison | Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder

You won’t get the full picture if we’re just comparing features. So, we’ll be discussing different aspects of these two plugins and show you which one is better in which sector.

Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder comparison-

Table types

Ninja Tables lets you create multiple different sorts of tables, all of which are fully customizable.

But WP Table Builder solely focuses on the drag-and-drop process of creating tables.

WP Table Builder
Ninja Tables
Basic Drag & Drop
Drag & Drop Table
Import from TablePress
Import Table
Connect Fluent Forms
WP Posts
WooCommerce Table
Connect Google Sheets
Import CSV, XML, zip
Connect External CSV
Custom SQL Query


Whether you’re a noob or an expert, user-friendliness and smooth functionality are what you should look for in any plugin.

So, what’s the best?

Ninja Tables lets you get very creative with lots of easy-to-use features.

WP Table Builder
Ninja Tables
Free (Pro elements)
Free & Pro
Limited cell elements
Dynamic data format
Only basic “drag & drop”
9 types of table creation options
Drag and drop builder
Drag and drop builder
Basic tables
Dynamic tables
Pre-built tables (Pro)
Pre-built tables

Ninja Tables makes you a master of interactive data tables with limitless options. For example, custom coloring, cell conditions, value transformation, WooCommerce integration, Google Sheets table, and many more.

While in WP Table Builder, you can only create and customize tables using the drag and drop feature.


Online tables should fit any device, regardless of the screen size. It’s because the audience should be able to see the entire table without having to zoom in/out or scroll.

WP Table Builder
Ninja Tables
Responsive for all devices
Responsive for all devices
Adjust responsiveness in real-time for basic table
Adjust responsiveness in real-time for basic & advanced table
Responsive breakpoints for columns
Stackable table configuration

Since Ninja Tables has advanced and drag-and-drop builders both, users can decide the responsiveness for every table.


As a complete solution for all your data presentation-related problems, Ninja Tables does not hold back when integrating with other useful plugins or tools.

WP Table Builder
Ninja Tables
  1. Fluent Forms
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Google Sheets
Import from TablePress
  1. TablePress
  2. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic
Ninja Charts
External CSV and JSON files
WP Posts/Pages


Having multiple table creation options, Ninja Tables makes customization more dynamic.

WP Table Builder offers full customization of all the limited features that come with it.

WP Table Builder
Ninja Tables
Custom color
Custom table color and design
Conditional Column Formatting
Element customizing
Data cell customizing
Value transformation
Manage Cells & Background
Configure a particular column
Custom CSS

Core features

Without mentioning how rich Ninja Tables is, we brought you the feature list you can check out yourself.

Ninja Tables and WP Table Builder have a few things in common, like drag-and-drop, coloring, etc. But the thing about Ninja Tables is that this plugin has two table builder functions- Basic with drag-and-drop and advanced table.

So, the features and integrations are quite high in number.

WP Table Builder
Ninja Tables
Table creation options
  1. Drag & Drop
  2. Import from TablePress
  1. Default
  2. Drag & Drop Table
  3. Import table
  4. Connect Fluent Forms
  5. WP Posts
  6. WooCommerce product table
  7. Connect Google Sheets
  8. Connect external CSV
  9. Custom SQL query
Media & charts
Multimedia & charts
  1. WooCommerce
  2. Fluent Forms
  3. Ninja Charts
  4. WP Posts
Table design
  1. Table color (text, border, cell, etc)
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Cell padding
  1. Table color (text, border, cell, etc)
  2. Hover animation
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Padding, sorting, pagination
  5. Stackable table configuration
Row Hover Animation
Conditional Column Formatting
Highlight cells with conditions
CSV, XML, ZIP files
  1. CSV/JSON files in advanced table builder
  2. CSV/JSON files in drag-and-drop builder
  3. Import from TablePress
  4. Import from Data Tables Generator by Supsystic
Filter data
  1. Filter permission
  2. Default data filtering
  3. Custom filter
Prebuilt tables
  1. Pricing table
  2. Comparison table
  3. Employee table
  4. Schedule table
Ribbon, Text icon, Circle rating, list
Pro elements for basic drag-and-drop
Frontend editing
Editable at the frontend with defined user role
Button and rating
Cell element
  1. Button/link data type for advanced table
  2. Button and star rating element for basic table
Transform value
Turn texts into hyperlinks
Merge/split cells
Manage cells by merging or splitting
Merge/split cells
Row/column data calculation
Data volume
Tends to freeze
Unlimited row/column & data

NOTE: The comparison table can become outdated with plugins’ updates. Please contact us in that case.


Sometimes you need to take other people’s word to trust a product. If the multi-faceted features of table plugins failed to convince you, there’s always real user testimonials or reviews.

See how people are feeling about Ninja Tables.

Ninja Tables reviews

This plugin made people happy with the features and support. These are only the recent ones we brought.

Ninja Tables user reviews
Ninja Tables Reviews

Maybe your experience with Ninja Tables will also help someone decide. Get this plugin and join the huge family of users.

WP Table Builder reviews

A simple table plugin that only creates a drag-and-drop basic table can be awesome too, and WP Table Builder is the proof of that.

Here’s what users say.

best table plugin reviewed
WP Table Builder Reviews

Just like the plugin, these happy reviews are short and simple!

Support and documentation

Both plugins have dedicated support teams so that you get the help you need right on time.

Likewise, Ninja Tables documentation and WP Table Builder documentation are all detailed with proper examples. But Ninja Tables has a long list of docs, which is understandable because this plugin has lots of features. 


After reviewing table creation styles, user-friendliness, features, and ratings, the one thing that seals the deal is pricing!

Ninja Tables price plans

Plugins with rich features do need to be a little expensive. But the pricing seems pretty reasonable if you look at the overall stuff Ninja Tables is giving you, including the basic drag-and-drop and the advanced options.

Ninja Tables price (USD)
(Current Special Sale Price)
Single site $59
Single site $248
Agency $98
(Upto 20 websites)
Agency $399
(20 sites)
Unlimited sites $224
Unlimited sites $599

WP Table Builder price plans

This one is basically free with the drag-and-drop function and the cell elements. But a few features are paid- for example, premade table templates, circle rating, icons, etc.

Price planCost
Lifetime$249 (Billed once)

Extra facts to-go

We’ve discussed how Ninja Tables and WP Table Builder resemble and vary from each other at the same time. One plugin (former) gives you literally everything you need, and the latter gives you a simple solution to online tables.

WP Table Builder facts

  • Text strikethrough option
  • Undo/redo
  • Amazon affiliate product table, food menu, or service specifications table
  • 60,000+ active installations

Ninja Tables facts

  • Amazon Product Listing, product specification table, league points table, cryptocurrency table, IMDB top chart table. Check out Demo.
  • Click embedded Fluent Forms to fill them up from the table
  • Custom post type
  • King-like support!
  • 80,000+ active installations

You can see how this user is happy with Ninja Tables.

WP Table Builder and Ninja Tables alternatives

Both of these plugins are more or less the only easy ways to create drag-and-drop or dynamic tables. But if you’re still curious, here are some other alternatives to check out.

  • wpDataTables
  • TablePress
  • Data Tables Generator by Supsystic
  • Visualizer


That’s it!

We’ve explained all you need to know about Ninja Tables Vs WP Table Builder. It can get confusing choosing the best plugin for WordPress tables. But narrowing down the aspects and feature comparisons can give you a clearer vision.

After comparing usability, prices, features, reviews, and other stuff, now you know which plugin is better for your website.

It goes without saying that Ninja Tables is giving tough competition to any other plugin! What do you think?

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Ninja Tables– Easiest Table Plugin in WordPress

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