Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins

Best WooCommerce product table plugins

It’s 2023. With a colorful history, WooCommerce is still the most popular WordPress plugin for eCommerce stores, powering 4M+ websites right now. But the default WooCommerce plugin is still limited in some ways. For example, organized data display, product filtering, or customizations to enhance table appearance.

WooCommerce alone can’t give you a personalized product tables experience. Besides, the grid format is not ideal for data presentation when customers want to see every necessary detail of products.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the best WooCommerce table plugins that help you showcase product data in smart tabular format.

WooCommerce and data tables

Custom products display of WooCommerce is possible with a WordPress data table plugin. While WooCommerce primarily shows products in separate blocks, table plugins will arrange them all in customized table rows.

You can also add more data and columns if you pick the best plugin for WooCommerce table customization!

Here’s a quick overview of the 5 best WooCommerce table plugins that you can pick from.

PluginActive InstallsRatingsVisit
Ninja Tables Pro80k+ Visit
Product Table by Barn2 Plugins1k+ Visit
WC Product Table10k+ Visit
Product Table for WooCommerce8k+ Visit
Product Table by WooBeWoo2k+ Visit

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Now, let’s get into the details.

Best WooCommerce product table plugins (Free & Pro)

With the growing number of online shoppers, eCommerce online stores have rapidly grown in number too. And as always, WooCommerce is everyone’s first choice!

So, here we bring you the top 5 WooCommerce table plugins that you should check out in 2023.

Start taking notes!

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables Landing Page

For a coding-free, fully customizable, and smart feature experience, go with Ninja Tables to create tables with WooCommerce products!

This plugin has direct integration with WooCommerce and can fetch every data from the WooCommerce database. Also, you can add more data and columns to the table.

Key features

  • Table design, unlimited color, and styling options
  • Sort, search, and filter
  • Import-export
  • Drag and drop table builder
  • Conditonal formatting
  • Value transformation
  • Responsiveness
  • Custom CSS/JS
  • Table background image
  • Unlimited data

Reviews, prices, and demo

Ninja Tables currently have 300+ five-star reviews on and the website shows multiple demo tables.

Ninja Tables WooCommerce review

Price plans start from $49. There’s a free version, but it doesn’t support WooCommerce.

With tons of features and customization options, Ninja Tables Pro is worth every penny for your WooCommerce business!

Learn how the Ninja Tables WooCommerce integration works.

WooCommerce Product Table by Barn2 Plugins

Barn2 WooCommerce

Coming in 2nd on our list is the WooCommerce table plugin by Barn2. You can organize multiple products and add category pages easily.

The search and filter option in the product table helps customers find what they need.

Key features

  • Multiple products and variations
  • Product search and sort
  • WooCommerce wholesale, restaurants, and order forms
  • One-page ordering
  • Show unlimited data
  • Custom table size
  • Responsive

Reviews, prices, and demo

No free version is available, so no reviews on

Rated 4.97 out of 5 stars on the website.

WooCommerce by Barn2 review

Two pricing plans are available for WooCommerce.

  • One Plugin- WooCommerce Product Table price starts at £79
  • Two Plugins Bundle- WooCommerce Product Table + Quick View price starts at £119

Check out the live demo table from the website.

WC Product Table

WC Product Table

An intuitive and complete package for WooCommerce business is WC Product Table plugin. Create responsive tables for products and organize your store perfectly.

This plugin gives you the flexibility of showing variations of products in product reviews. Sort and filter products by their names, availability, price, etc.

Key features

  • List products with description and image
  • Additional grid format option if user wants
  • Search and filter
  • Add/remove products from list
  • PDF print

Reviews, prices, and demo

With 200+ five-stars, this plugin is a promising choice for your business.

In, you can see users are either unhappy with the support or the plugin layout.

WC Product Table review

Free and Pro, both versions are available for WooCommerce uses. The free version is, of course, limited. The pro plan starts from $49/year.

Check out the WCPT demo (free & pro) from the WC Product Table website.

Product Table for WooCommerce by CodeAstrology

product Table for WooCommerce by CodeAstrology

Since product tables are used for smart presentation, this plugin walks side by side easily with the top 3 plugins listed here.

Woo Product Table by CodeAstrology presents your products in searchable and filterable tables.

Key features

  • Drag and drop columns
  • Table design
  • Advance filter
  • Restrict columns to logged-in users
  • Floating cart
  • Variation product table

Reviews, prices, and demo

Seeing 200 five-star reviews, we say this plugin deserves a little more.

Woo Product Table review

Some features like designing, settings for each table, ACF Field, etc. are missing in the free version. Pro price starts from $49/year.

The Woo Product Table demo page is rich with examples.

Product Table by WooBeWoo

Product Table by WooBeWoo

List your WooCommerce products in perfectly responsive, searchable, and filterable product tables with this plugin. Product Table for WooCommerce is an extension for WooCommerce business owners that want quick order forms, large product catalogs, restaurant orders, price lists, or wholesale.

Key features

  • Quick table navigation
  • Unlimited products in lists
  • Product filter
  • Add products automatically

Reviews, prices, and demo

This plugin has 27 five-star reviews and 2k+ active installations. You can see the 6 demo tables on their website.

The free version is rich enough, but the pro version is full of potential and the price plan starts at $49/year.


All the plugins mentioned in this listicle are user-friendly and reviewed by genuine users.

SInce we’ve talked about their main features, prices, reviews, and demo tables, you can pick one from the top 5 WooCommerce table plugins listed here and try it out.

If you want our honest suggestion, we’d say go for Ninja Tables! It’s a multipurpose table plugin with lots of dynamic features, including WooCommerce and other integrations. Enjoy the advanced features along with the basic ones and create any type of table you want for your website.

So, what’s your plan for a good products table?

Ninja Tables Logo

Ninja Tables– Easiest Table Plugin in WordPress

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