Ninja Tables in 2023: Year In Review

Year in review 2023

2023- Oh what a year it has been!

The Ninja Tables team saw an enjoyable and successful 2023, both in terms of product and team. We grew big in numbers of team members and users, while giving you the best service and useful content.

In short, it was another extraordinary year.

So here we’re taking a quick look back at every moment we enjoyed with you.

2023 highlights

We’re thrilled to share the highlights of our journey this year, as we gear up for an even more amazing 2024.

8 plugin updates to improve UX: Stay ahead with 5 major features and benefit from 10+ Bug Fixes. We’re committed to enhancing your table-building journey.

Feature request implementations: Your feedback matters. We’ve implemented feature requests based on your valuable feedback – making Ninja Tables a plugin tailored to your needs.

80k+ active installations: Impressive stats speak volume. With 80k+ active installations, 350+ five-star reviews on WordPress only, and a vibrant community of 1,000+ X followers, we’re proud to be the table builder of choice.

60+ blogs: Explore the knowledge pool with all the blogs published, offering insights, tips, and inspiration to enhance your table-building skills.

Find us everywhere: Connect with us on Facebook, X, and LinkedIn. Your support means the world to us!

3,000+ tickets resolved: Our dedicated support team has successfully resolved over 3k tickets, ensuring you always receive the assistance you need.

Celebrating 6 years of excellence: Ninja Tables now has evolved into an almost bug-free table builder in WordPress. Brace yourself for some of our biggest updates yet in 2024!

Thank you for being part of the Ninja Tables community.

Let’s take a deeper dive and reminisce 2023.

Completed 5th year

We celebrated Ninja Tables 5th anniversary smoothly even though half the team was in Thailand for WordCamp Asia.

There was no cake this year since we couldn’t cut it together, but we didn’t forget to celebrate this occasion with our lovely users!

The flat 30% off on all licenses was a way to show our gratitude towards this amazing community.

Birthday offer may not be available now, but we have a special discount for you anyways!

Brand new website running smoothly!

Ninja Tables got a home to call its own back in October 2022. And the entire year of 2023, this website saw growth, both in terms of content and traffic.

The content team has delivered 52 total articles so far this year and several more are still in the process.

Our team has focused on quality more than quantity, which is why the Ninja Tables website traffic always stayed satisfactory.

Ninja Tables documentation was updated and so was Ninja Charts addon.

We’re currently working on a page for you with a collection of table templates.

WordCamps & team tours

Where there is a WordCamp, there is a Ninja from our team.

2023 was a year of WordCamps for us because we attended (as a group or solo) 5 WordCamps, organized 1, and sponsored 1.

WordCamp Asia (Thailand)

A total of 20 people from WPManageNinja attended WordCamp Asia and 3 of them were from core team Ninja Tables.

WPManageNinja was a proud Asok Sponsor of WCAsia ’23. We had our own stall where people came to greet us and collect our super cool swags!

After the 2-day event, we all started our adventures in various tourist spots in beautiful Thailand.

WordCamp Europe (Greece)

Not everyone from the whole team could be there due to visa issues. But we never know how NOT to attend WordCamps…

Our CEO, Head of Engineering, Head of Customer Support, and 2 others were there on behalf of all of us.

WCEU team

WordCamp Kathmandu (Nepal)

The Ninja Tables team couldn’t miss this amazing event happening so close to home! So 3 of us were in Nepal right on time.

Spent a few days visiting the architectural beauties and of course, we were lucky to get a glimpse of the Himalayas!

Can’t forget to mention our WordCamp KTM Speaker, Anzuman Ara Chowdhury and our sister brand, Fluent Forms, as the proud sponsor of WCKTM After Party.

WordCamp Malaysia

While the team was at WordCamp Kathmandu, our CEO was at WordCamp Malaysia! He also held a session in the event.

WordCamp Sylhet (Bangladesh)

We attended WordCamp in Sylhet. The whole team was present at the event and participated actively. That’s how team Ninja Tables participates to make WordPress better day by day.

Ninja Tables team tour

Honestly, 2023 was full of fun adventures, meeting new people, new ventures, and visiting new places.

But the team felt like we needed a short trip just among ourselves.

This is why the core Ninja Tables team went to the beach for a 3-day trip!

Team Ninja Tables

Remind us to take a picture during daylight next time!

The WordCamp attendance and fun tours are proof of how dynamic the entire team is and how dedicated we are.

We’re very excited to see what 2024 brings!

User reviews

Who doesn’t love a good 5-star review? Luckily for us, Ninja Tables has been receiving quite a few!

Right now, we have lots of good reviews on and 350+ of them are 5-stars.

I’ve been using the Pro version of Ninja Tables for specialized SEO purposes. I encountered two particularly challenging table scenarios which I believed were insurmountable… – @eklavyam.

Support is fast and very thorough & helpful. This plugin is an integral part of our sites and WE LOVE IT.- @katherinekuykendall.

The plugin is great, and the support is excellent. They gave me even custom code to get a solution I needed!- @radlrudi.

I have used Ninja tables for years and Ninja tables Pro for about three years. It perfectly fulfills our requirements…- Kari Selovuo.

This plugin is so useful and fit, that, although the free version does everything we wanted, we will purchase the paid version as a show of support.- tradernet.

This plugin does so much with my fairly simple data. I started with the free version, but with the ease of use, I decided I could definitely use the pro features to my advantage. I was right…- sashton.

Ninja perfectly solved my problems on WP tables, everything meet my requirements, even it’s free, functions are so strong, bravo!- nickfang.

Excellent Plugin, free features allow you to do a good job. Now if you want to increase more you can go Pro. Thanks.- luismgr1980 (Translated).

Getting reviews like this is inspiring. We know our users love Ninja Tables, and we also know we have to become even better because they expect a lot from us!

Blogs and newsletters

As mentioned earlier, the content team focused on quality more than quantity this year. But that doesn’t mean we stopped giving you informative blogs!

In 2023, Ninja Tables delivered blogs on various interesting topics outside of blogs explaining the features.

Here are our top picks.

Keep an eye on our blog page to get more insights on what’s happening in the WordPress world.

We started sending email newsletters to our subscribers this year and the more emails we sent the more we kept thinking why didn’t we do this earlier?

No joke, but our emails really found the recipients well.

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Social media and explainer videos

Ninja Tables isn’t new to social media games. We already had profiles on X and Facebook. This year we also started using LinkedIn and Instagram.

Hit like and follow if you haven’t yet!

All year long, we have been updating the Ninja Tables tutorial playlist with detailed videos. From the thumbnails to the presenter, everything is made captivating for you.

In this playlist, you can find detailed explanations of Ninja Tables features or tips.

We still have more secrets to unfold through the videos. All in good time.

Also, you might see an ad from Ninja Tables now and then because we have started advertising this year. If you see it, share it so we all can grow with new members.

Features in 2023

It was a year of growth. There were significant positive changes in the team dynamics and the plugin saw multiple improvements and additions as well.

  • Added “Current user post” option for the WP Posts table to enhance the post table function
  • Added custom CSS and JS to the Drag & Drop module so you can import the table of your preference and customize
  • The sorting option in the admin dashboard made the plugin UI more navigable
  • Incorporated searchable Gutenberg block to add tables shortcode

Not to mention, all the fixes and workarounds!

Taking our user queries as feature requests is what made us come this far. Every time you ask something, the team wants to make the plugin, blogs, and other content much smoother for you.

P.S.: The comments section under docs and blogs is always open for you.

What to expect in 2024

Anything tech means there are bugs. Ninja Tables also faced it at times. However, our efficient Developers and Customer Support team handled everything perfectly.

We wish to continue to be awesome in 2024 as well. Blogs, social media, newsletter, support, plugin updates- you name it!

Stay with us for more plugin updates, valuable articles, fun and informative social posts, crazy discounts, and a smooth experience.

And hey, meet us at the next WordCamp we attend or organize!

Get In touch with Ninja Tables

Bonus: WordPress core contributors

Just like every year, WPManageNinja saw some more talented and hardworking people contributing to WordPress.

But the best part was seeing 4 of our Ninja Tables team members become “Core Contributors” of 6.3 Lionel with other awesome WPManageNinja people!

Wrapping up

The main focus of team Ninja Tables was to grow as a team this year. And we did that.

We grew and we improved. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Now we have more goals to achieve.

As we approach 2024, there will be new obstacles to overcome and new users to greet. We hope to spend another good year with you.

That’s a wrap on our year in review-2023.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2024.

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