There are several settings options to add a column to the table and put the basic column criteria to create each column. The first option, Basic Settings, is often where you can establish a column with basic choices like column name, column key, data type, and even more.

Let’s have a look at this simple guide to learn how to create a column with these Basic Settings.

  • Go to the Ninja Tables plugin from the dashboard first and then click on the Edit option under the specific table.
Edit option
  • Next, click on the Add Column button.

Add Column
  • A pop-up will appear with the Basic Settings located on the first tab.

Basic Settings
  • In this tab, you will notice various basic options, and they are required to fill up. Here’s a detailed explanation of each of these options –

  • Column Name: To set the header title, use this option to provide the name of a column. This field must be filled out. One more important thing is that the Column Name is HTML Supported.

  • Column Key: The column key is for data mapping, exporting, and importing table data. The column key will be created automatically when you enter the column name for your table.

  • Data Type: Various Data Types are available to construct columns according to your needs. To learn more, go to this documentation, and you will know better.

  • Responsive breakpoint: The Ninja Tables Plugin comes up with a powerful feature where it helps users to show data in a table format using six distinct breakpoints. To know more, check out the link.

Created Column with Basic Settings
  • When your configuration is done, click on the Add Column button to create the column.

  • See the below screenshot, of how the table column is created –
Created Column on table

This is how the Basic Settings option works!