A table is used to visualize data, and texts carry the primary data of any table.

After knowing how to create the first drag-and-drop table you should be clear about all the elements of this module. In this guide, we will explore the Text element, a free element available in the builder.

As you engage with the Editor Box, you’ll find seamless text editing access at your fingertips.

Let’s add a Text element to our Ninja Tables!

Drag cell element and drop on table

All you need to do is drag the element from the left menu and drop it on the table.

Properties of Text Elements #

ScopeOption NameType
Text OptionsFont ColorGraphical Color Selection
Font SizeNumeric Value
AlignmentLeft, Center, Right
Font WeightBold, Italic, Underline
Customize table cell element

Customize Text Elements in Tables #

  1. Editor Box: You can edit the text of the Text Element. (Or, type in the cell)
  2. Font Color: You can change the color of the text. By default, it is set to Black.
  3. Font Size: Change the size of the text. By default, it is set to 15.
  4. Alignment: You can align texts to the left, right, or center. By default, it is set to Center.
  5. Font Style: You can change the Font Style orientations. Available options are Bold, Italic, and Underline.

Conclusion #

We hope this documentation on Text Element has helped you understand the functionality of this Ninja Tables Drag & Drop Table Builder element.

Please check our other documentation regarding the features of the Drag & Drop Tables and create WordPress tables effortlessly with Ninja Tables!

Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comment box below.

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