You already know Ninja Tables is a great WordPress table builder plugin. This plugin has tons of new features that you can use to impress your audience!

In this document, we will discuss the WordPress table options and table settings and see what they can do.

Properties of Table Settings #

Option NameType
GeneralCell PaddingNumeric Value
Table AlignmentLeft, Center, and Right
Separate Column/RowsToggle On or Off
Table Container Max WidthToggle On or Off
First Row StickyToggle On or Off
First Column StickyToggle On or Off
BackgroundHeader BackgroundGraphical Color Selection
Even Row BackgroundGraphical Color Selection
Odd Row BackgroundGraphical Color Selection
AccessibilityTable RoleDropdown Selection
BorderTable BorderNumeric Value
Border ColorGraphical Color Selection
Apply Inner BorderToggle On or Off
Header Inner BorderToggle On or Off
Inner Border ColorGraphical Color Selection
Inner Border SizeNumeric Value
Global StylingMargin TopNumeric Value
Font SizeNumeric Value
ColorGraphical Color Selection
Font FamilyDropdown Selection
Export TableSelect FormatDropdown Selection

General #

Cell Padding: Cell padding controls the space between the element and the cell area. By default, it is set to 10.

general table settings

Table Alignment: You can align the whole table on the page’s left, Center, or Right side.

table left align
table right align

Separate Columns/Rows: You can also separate the rows or columns. By default, it is set to “Off.”

separate table cells

Table Container Max Width: This setting is used to control the maximum width of the table.

If the maximum width is lower than the table content, then you will notice a bottom scrollbar to scroll through the data.

table container width

First Row Sticky(Pro): You can freeze the first row or make it sticky to see which column contains which type of data.

table sticky header

First Column Sticky (Pro): You can make the first column sticky when you need to see the first column data.

table sticky column

Background #

table background color

Header Background: You can control the header background color from here without going to Background management.

Even Row Background: This option is to control the Even Row background color.

Odd Row Background: This is used to set the background color for even rows to view the rows in separate colors to identify data of different rows.

Accessibility #

table roles

Table Role: 4 types of Table Roles are -Table, Presentation, List, and Row Group.

Border #

table border color

Table Border: This option enables you to show each cell with a border a boundary. By default, it is set to 2.

Border Color: You can control the color of the border here.

Apply Inner Border: By default, an Inner Border is applied to the table.

Header Inner Border: You can also control whether the Header should have an inner border.

Inner Border Color: The option to control the inner border color.

Inner Border Size: You can also set the inner border size, which is by default set to 3.

Global Styling #


Margin Top: You can add an additional Top Margin to the table, which is set to 0 by default.

Font Size: The default font size setting is by default set to 15.

Color: You can also define the font color that is set to black by default.

Font Family: You can also select a Font Family for your table from the dropdown, and plenty of fonts are available.

drag and drop import

Export Table: One of the most important and helpful options that you can use to export your table to CSV and JSON format. The JSON format is only recognizable by Ninja Tables.