ACF/Metabox/JetEngine/Toolset/Pods Integration with Ninja Tables

JetEngine is used for Custom post types and relations between these post types.

Let’s have a look at how JetEngine Integration works in Ninja Tables.

  • To build a Custom Post type, you must have the JetEngine Plugin installed first.

  • Then, you need to create a New Post type, or you can also work on the existing Post Type.

  • Go to the JetEngine dashboard → click on Post Types, and General Settings will appear.

custom post type jetengine
Add New Post Type

  • You must add some Custom Fields to the Custom Post Type.

  • Give your Post Type Name and Post Type Slug and enable the Edit Post type/meta box link.

general settings jetengine
General Settings

  • Also, go to the Labels & Advanced Settings & give the fields name according to your needs.

  • Click on the New Meta Field button to add Meta Fields
new meta field jetengine
New Meta Field
  • There are available Field types where you can choose one according to your needs.
available Field types jetengine
Field Type
  • To get your Post Meta Key Name, you need to go back to JetEngine Post Type.

  • Then, navigate to the Meta Fields & here, the Name/ID of every Meta Field is Meta Key. For instance, “name” is the meta key of the Name Field as follows; the date is the Meta Key of the Date field.

  • Copy the Meta Key to use this in a further step.

  • Lastly, click on the Add Post Type button after your configuration is done.

  • Now, go to the Jet Engine CPT and go to the Add New button.
Jet Engine CPT

  • Here, you will see the Meta Field has been added. Click on the Publish button when you are done.

meta field JetEngine

Custom Post Type will work only with WP Posts & WooCommerce Table!

  • Now, navigate to the Ninja Tables plugin and go to a Post Table.
JetEngine post
Post Table

  • You must go to the Ninja Tables Add New Column button to add a new column when using a Custom Post field in a Custom Post Type.

  • Give your Column Name and other field names.

  • Choose Shortcode/Computed Value or HTML from the Field Type option in Dynamic Post Data Settings. After choosing the Shortcode/Computed value field type, some customized dynamic field values will be shown below.

  • In the Field Value option, for Post Meta, put your post meta key shortcode in the field.

meta key shortcode
Dynamic Post Data Settings

  • Go back to the Dynamic Post Data Settings, put your Post Meta key, and click on the Add Column button.

  • Then, the custom columns will be added. It will be showing up on the table like this.
add custom column jetengine

By following the same steps, anyone can integrate JetEngine/ACF/Metabox/Toolset/Pods with Ninja Tables!

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