Table Cloning / Duplicating

Cloning is a great way to minimize the task, and here Ninja Tables comes with a feature of cloning your desired table.

You can clone or duplicate any of your previous or just-created tables with a single click.

  • To make it possible, just go to All Tables and put the cursor over the table simply by hovering on the table title you need to clone.

  • You will see the Duplicate option will appear along with the other four options, and click on the Duplicate option.

  • It’s done & you will be notified by a popup; you will see a duplicate table already created at the top of the list.

  • Here, take a look below for a better understanding of the total process.

Table Cloning/ Duplicate with Ninja Tables
Table Cloning/ Duplicate with Ninja Tables

This is how you can duplicate your entire table using Ninja Tables plugin. Easy and Simple!