A list element in a table is used to show a list of items in either ordered or unordered form.

Ninja Tables offers a free “List” item to add lists and organize the data of your tables. This helps users list the product features or any data that requires listing.

Let’s add a list element in table.

Properties of List Element #

ScopeOption NameType
GeneralItem Spacing VerticallyNumeric Value
Space Between Icon and TextNumeric Value
AlignmentLeft, Center, and Right
TextFont ColorNumeric Value
Font SizeNumeric Value
Font StyleBold, Italic, and Underline
ListList TypeUnordered or Ordered
List Icon (Unordered)Circle, Square, Disc, and None
List Icon (Ordered)Upper-Roman, Lower-Roman, Upper-Alpha, Lower-Alpha, and Decimal

General #

List element general options

  1. Item Spacing Vertically: Space between lists vertically. By default, it is set to 20.
  2. Space Between Icon and Text: The space between Icon and the List Text. By default, it is set to 0.
  3. Alignment: You can also position the Lists on either the cell’s Left, center, or right side.

Text #

list element custom text
  1. Font Color: You can change the color of the text. By default, it is set to Black.
  2. Font Size: You can change the size of the text. By default, it is set to 15.
  3. Font Style: You can change the Font Style orientations. Available options are Bold, Italic, and Underline.

List (Unordered & Ordered List) #

ordered list element
  1. List Type: You can pick from 2 list types- Unordered List and Ordered List.
  2. List Icon (Unordered): Change the style of the icons of the lists to Circle, Square, Disc, and None.
  3. List Icon (Ordered): Upper-Roman, Lower-Roman, Upper-Alpha, Lower-Alpha, and Decimal.

Conclusion #

We hope this documentation has helped you understand the functionality of this Ninja Tables Drag & Drop Table Builder element. 

Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comment box.

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