Hyperlinks from Google Sheets

Consider a user who wishes to import a table from Google Sheets to Ninja Tables. Where there is data with links to it, however, the hyperlink is erased after the table is imported. This is because the hyperlinked data cannot be saved after the table is converted to CSV.

But Ninja Tables will bring the links back just by changing the data type!

This short guide will demonstrate to you how to include hyperlinked data links in your table.

  • For instance, we’ve imported a Google Sheet having three columns named Title, Link Text, and Actual link. This is a table containing information about different mobile phone models.
google sheets data in table

When you create a “Google Sheets data table” with this sheet, the column with links will initially remove the links and keep the texts.

Links in Google Sheets
Removed links from Google Sheets
  • The next step is to add the link to the link text column. Simply go to table column configuration and set the data type to “HTML Field.”
Change data type to hyperlinks
Change data type
  • Update the column settings and check the table preview.
clickable links from Google Sheets
Clickable links from Google Sheets

Now the links from Google Sheets are clickable hyperlinks.