Add/Remove Search or Filter Functionality

Search or Filter functionality can be a lifesaver if your table contains large data. It’s a handy option even if your table is short and summarized.

On the other hand, sometimes you might feel like removing the search option. The search bar is set by default at the top of the table. But here is how you can remove/add this functionality with just a click and without any kind of coding.

Search and Filter Data Tables #

  • Select the table you want to add/remove the search option from.

  • Now, navigate to the Table Design Tab.
search filter functionality
Enable the visitor to filter or search the table

  • Toggle the Enable the visitor to filter or search the table option if you want the audience to filter and search data table. And toggle off if you don’t want the search bar.

Disable Frontend Search for a Specific Column #

If you want to disable frontend search for a specific column. From that column’s Advanced Settings, just check the filterable checkbox.

search filter functionality in table columns
Disable frontend search for this column data

This is how you can add or remove Search / Filter functionality in Ninja Tables plugin.


  1. Hello
    I’m looking for information about how to find a specific data when I use the searching box and shows it me in the table, for example: In the column1 I have numbers data and I want to find only the number “1” that is to say the searching result must shows me the results with only the number “1” and not with their combinations: Yes 1 but not 10, 11, 12, 13… 21, 31, 41…100, 101, etc.

    1. Hey Francisco. The default Search Bar will show all the results of the search string. It doesn’t search strictly. To search the table data strictly you need to use Text Input Custom Filter and enable Strict Mode. Just disable the default search bar from the table settings and use the custom text input filter instead.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hello, can I add a search box on top of tables so user can search data all in tables, say if I have multiple mobile device table price so type say iPhone 14, can that be done?

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