Add/Remove Search or Filter Functionality

Search or Filter functionality can be a lifesaver if your table contains large data. It can be a handy option for users even if your table is short and summarized.

On the other hand, sometimes you might feel like removing the search option. The search option is set by default. But here is how you can remove/add this functionality with just a click and without any kind of coding.

  • Select the table you want to add/remove the search option from.

  • Now, navigate to the Table Design Tab.
Enable the visitor to filter or search the table

  • Toggle the Enable the visitor to filter or search the table option on/off if you don’t want the search bar.

Disable Frontend search for a specific column

If you want to disable frontend search for a specific column. From that column’s Advanced Settings, just checks the Filterable checkbox.

Disable frontend search for this column data

This is how you can add or remove Search / Filter functionality using Ninja Tables plugin.