The Sorting Method is one of the essential features of the Other tab.

Move to the Select Sorting Method option to sort table data in various ways.

sorting method in ninja tables
Sorting Method

The sorting Method has three options – By Created at, By Column, and Manual Sort.

By Column #

From the dropdown, you can choose any Column as per your needs. You can also choose Sort type by selecting ascending or Descending way.

data table sorting by column

By Created at #

In this option, two sort types are available – Show New Items First & Show Old Items First.

data table sorting by created at

Manual Sort #

You can sort the table data from Table Rows manually. Click the Sort Manually checkbox to enable sorting the data using the drag-and-drop feature.

Sort Table Column Manually

This is how easily anyone can utilize the Sorting Method!


  1. Hi,
    Is there a way to have the default (when first displayed) sorted by multiple columns?
    For example, I have 3 ACF/CPT fields (Section, Lot, Plot), and I can select Section, in the table options, which works, but the other columns are unsorted.

    Any help, even a code snippet would be appreciated.

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