Ninja Tables Introduction

This plugin allows you to create any table using its effective column creator easily. Here the responsiveness of the table can be set on all devices. To create a table on your WordPress website, you no longer need to learn HTML or CSS.

The Simplest Responsive Table Plugin in WP #

You can display loads of data on your website by rapidly creating responsive tables. The Responsive Breakpoint feature lets you set your tables to be responsive to any device width. Users can quickly filter data with the help of search and ajax functions. Ninja Tables has a great feature where the front end of the tables can be styled with Footables, Bootstrap 3 & 4, and Semantic UI.

More than 100 Table Styles #

With the 3 most widespread CSS libraries, Ninja Tables has multiple color schema and styles.

Some options for styling you can use in your tables are given below –

  1. Single Line Cells
  2. Fixed Layout
  3. Hover Rows
  4. Bordered Table
  5. Striped Rows
  6. Compact Tables along with 10+ default color schemes
  7. Unlimited color scheme
  8. Hide/show table title
  9. Make the table sortable/filterable

It’s Super Fast! #

Ninja Tables operates from a single page on everything.

VueJS and VueRouter as Single Page Applications (SPA) are used to develop the backend to make the experience smooth. Everything seems to be real-time, including making a table to set up the configuration, inserting entries, importing CSV files & re-arranging columns. This process is very time-saving for the users.

Combined with minimum load on JS & CSS load, the front-end table loads faster. AJAX was configured for the front-end data load to manage thousands of table rows without impacting the page load time.

Simple Configuration Feature #

With our user-friendly column builder, table columns’ design and responsive breakpoints’ configuration make it easier to rearrange the columns. The text/HTML area and the data type, like Single Line Text Field, can be selected for every column.

Responsive Tables for Mobile #

It is very important to load tables on all types of devices. Ninja Tables solves this problem by adding those columns in an expandable region inside the row. You can easily manipulate which columns will be displayed on what devices. Ninja Tables include real-time sorting, pagination & search functions running on all devices.

Export and Import Data #

You can retrieve the table data and apply them to some other program. The tables can be exported and saved in CSV/JSON file format. This way, the data will be kept safe & transferable. CSV/JSON files can also be imported in the same method.

Import Tables From Other Table Plugins #

If you’re already using tables with added data from other plugins. No need to worry; for other table plugins like TablePress, you can simply import tables with data.

Utilization #

Paste the shortcode of your table in the text widget/page/post to display it on your page, post, or in a text widget, wherever you want your table to be displayed.

Awesome Support #

Get devoted support from our amazing managers and developers for happiness. And yes, it’s absolutely free!

So, try this plugin and test the powerful features and styles of the table; let us know what you like and anything else you need.