Import Table Data from CSV

If you have an existing table on another website, turn the table data into CSV file (or JSON) and import it into Ninja Tables.

  • First, go to the Ninja Tables dashboard and click the Import Table button (or the “Import” option on the left menubar). Now, press the Choose File button.
Import Table Data from CSV

  • Choose the CSV / JSON file you want to upload.
import-export table

  • Click the Import button, and then you’re good to go!

Ninja Tables is going to do the rest for you. Your data will be automatically uploaded.

You can also use the “Import-Export” tab at the top of a table to import tables.

import table in Ninja Tables

Table Data Import for MS-Excel #

If you have any issue with CSV data imports, such as having blank values in your cell, in case you use MS-Excel, export the CSV as MS-DOS Comma Separated Value (CSV).

import table from ms-excel
Export As MS-DOS comma-separated (.csv) format

Ninja table supports only comma-separated CSV and JSON.

If your CSV file is not Comma Separated & is in another format, there is a trick for converting it to make it Comma-Separated-CSV,

  • First, go to the Google Spreadsheet → File → click on Import & then a pop-up will appear.

make a csv
Import File

  • Click on the Upload button & then upload the CSV file.

upload csv
Upload button

  • Set the column name as table Column Key, and then download it as Comma-Separated-CSV and import it to the existing Ninja Tables.


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