Shortcodes are codes within brackets with just a few words that allow you to execute complex codes and generate content from a single line that normally requires a lot of complex codes.

Even though a shortcode looks like a single line of text, this will not work in a Text element.

That’s why Ninja Tables offers a free shortcode element separately to let you add your shortcode to the table.

Let’s add a Shortcode element to Ninja Tables.

Properties of Shortcode Element #

Option NameType
Shortcode BoxText Editor Box
AlignmentLeft, Center, and Right
Fluent Forms shortcode

  1. Shortcode Box: Place your shortcode inside this field. In the example, we used a Fluent Forms shortcode for an Email Submission form.

  1. Alignment: You can align the shortcode-generated content on either the Left, Center, or Right side of the cell.

This is how the above shortcode generates content inside the table:

Fluent Forms in table

Conclusion #

Adding a shortcode element in tables can display any shortcode-generated content you want. And drag and drop data table is a lot more flexible in this feature.

Paste any shortcode and showcase the table smartly.

Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comment box.

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