One of the most useful elements of a table is the “Icon.”

There are also 2 other elements (Styled Lists and Text Icon) that utilize the icon feature. As we know, graphical representation matters and some tables look better with icons rather than Images.

Ninja Tables offers an “Icon” element to give your tables an eye-catching view.

icon element in ninja tables

Let’s add an Icon element to our Ninja Tables!

drag and drop table element

Icon Element Specific Properties #

Option NameType
ColorCorner, Rectangle
Icon SizeNumeric Value
AlignmentLeft, Center, and Right
Choose IconUpload from media library
Icon LibrarySearch to choose icon
choose icon element
  1. Color: You can change the color of the Icon. By default, it is set to Black.
  2. Icon Size: You can change the color of the Icon. By default, it is set to 15.
  3. Alignment: You can align the Stylist List to the left, right, or center. By default, it is set to Center.
  4. Choose Icon: You can upload your own image as an icon to add to the table.
  5. Icon Library: A library of Icons to choose from.

Spacing #


Margins and paddings are used to increase or decrease space outside the element. In the Locked state, you can modify the margin properties for Top, Right, Bottom, and Left together. To change individually, you will need to unlock the Margin Properties.

More about Spacing (Margin, Padding) is documented here.

Conclusion #

We hope this documentation has helped you understand the functionality of this Drag & Drop Table Builder element.

Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comment box.