Table columns can be rearranged in whatever order you like. You can rearrange your columns as easily as ever using Ninja Tables’ basic drag-and-drop functionality.

Let’s dive into the article to learn how to accomplish it.

  • First, go to the Ninja Tables dashboard and click on the Edit option of your preferred table.
Edit Option
Edit Option
  • Next, a Table Configuration tab will appear along with the other tabs.

  • Clicking the Table Configuration tab, you will find a new window appearing with the Column option on the left sidebar.

  • Click on the Column, there a new tab will open with the Table Column Settings area, where you will get to see the Available Columns of your table.

Table Column Settings
  • Drag and drop your columns into the desired place by dragging the left icon of each column.

  • Let’s see how the drag and drop of the columns can be done.

drag and drop column

That’s how easy it is to rearrange the columns using Ninja Tables!