Tools and Settings

  • From the admin dashboard (left sidebar), go to the Tools option from Ninja Tables plugin.

Tools & Settings

Import #

Ninja Tables can import tables from existing data, like from a CSV or JSON file. You can also import existing tables from the other WordPress table plugins. Check the link to learn more about how to Import.

Global Appearance #

The newly generated tables will use the following settings. You may, of course, adjust the appearance settings for each level of the table.

  • The first feature is the Default Styling Library, which manages the library you must work with. Three different libraries are available in this segment, such as Semantic UIBootstrap 4 & Bootstrap 3. Each of these libraries has various components once you select one of them.

  • The second feature is the Default Table Styles option which offers several functions like Single Line CellsFixed LayoutHover RowsBordered Table, and many more. Check these options according to your styling needs. Hover rows, Striped rows, and Vertically centered table cell contents are all checked at the beginning of the newly constructed table.

  • The other function is the Default Features which defines many components, all you have to do is to check the one you need for setting your table. Enable the visitor to filter or search the table & Enable sorting of the table by the visitor; these two default features are checked at the beginning.

  • You can style your table in 13 different color schemes; feel free to check all those colors to find the best color scheme for your table. By default, there will be a default color at the beginning. You will find a bunch of custom color options for your table design.

  • In Default Pagination Setting, you can select how many items you want to show per page. You can also disable pagination here.

Global Appearance

  • Default Font Setting feature allows users to change the Table’s Font Family & Font Size according to their requirements.

  • Click on the Update button when you are done!

Permission #

By default, Only Administrator has access to manage the tables. By selecting additional roles below, You can give access to manage your Tables to other user roles.


License #

For the licensing option to appear in your tools and settings, you must install Ninja Table Pro.

From the left sidebar, click on the License option & activate your Ninja Table Pro by providing the license key below. To know more about how to do this, check here.


Global Settings #

Clear Table Cache #

If you want to clear all the Ninja table cache, click on the Clear Table Cache button.

Clear Table Cache

This is all about the Tools & Settings of Ninja Tables!