Shortcodes are codes within brackets with just a few words that allow you to execute complex codes and generate content from a single line that would normally require a lot of complex codes.

Even though a shortcode looks like a single line of text, this will not work in a Text element.

That’s why Ninja Tables offers a free “Shortcode” element separately to let you add your shortcode to the table.

drag and drop shortcode element

Let’s add a Shortcode element to our Ninja Tables!

shortcode element in tables

Properties of Shortcode Element #

Option NameType
Shortcode BoxText Editor Box
AlignmentLeft, Center, and Right
insert shortcode in table
  1. Shortcode Box: Place your shortcode inside this field. In the example, we used a Fluent Forms shortcode for an Email Submission form.
  2. Alignment: You can align the shortcode generated content on either the Left, Center, or Right side of the cell of the table.

This is how the above shortcode generates content inside the table:

auto-generated ninja tables shortcode

Conclusion #

We hope this documentation has helped you understand the functionality of this Ninja Tables Drag & Drop Table Builder element. 

Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comment box.