One of the most important things for a business, especially for eCommerce, is “Rating” or “Star Rating.”

The tiny stars indicate a user’s trust in a product, service, or business. It’s crucial to have a star rating to help visitors realize your product is worth it.

In this document, we will learn more about Ninja Tables’ “Rating” Element.

star rating element in ninja tables

Let’s add a Rating element to our Ninja Tables in the drag and drop builder!

drag and drop star rating element

Properties of “Rating” Element #

Option NameType
Star SizeNumeric Value, drag bar
ColorGraphical Color Selection
AlignmentLeft, Center, and Right
Show Rating ValueToggle On or Off
Maximum StarNumeric Value, drag bar
ninja tables star rating
  1. Star Size: You can change the size of the star of the Rating element. By default, It is set to 15.
  2. Color: You can also change the color of the size of the stars along with the values. By default, It is set to Black.
  3. Alignment: You can align the Stylist List to the left, right, or center. By default, it is set to Center.
  4. Show Rating Value: You can toggle On or Off to show the value or not. By default, it is set to On.
  5. Maximum Star: You can control the maximum number of Stars of the Rating. By default, it is set to 5.

Conclusion #

We hope this documentation has helped you understand the functionality of this Ninja Tables Drag & Drop Table Builder pro element. 

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