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Team Barn2 Plugins is all about crafting beautiful WooCommerce and WordPress plugins. They have plugins for all your WordPress needs- product tables, document library, filters, etc.

Among the 23 plugins, Posts Table and WooCommerce Product Table are two of their most popular tools. Show your WordPress posts or WooCommerce products in smart online tables with these plugins.

But buying two separate tools to do separate jobs might crowd your dashboard. So, you need to find the all-rounder table plugin that does it all for you!

And you’re right. We’re talking about Ninja Tables.


We’ll explain here.

Top Barn2 Plugins vs Ninja Tables- Best WordPress plugins

First of all, Ninja Tables alone gives you the functionalities of posts tables and product tables. So, buying two different plugins and cramming your dashboard is not necessary.

With this table plugin, you can ensure much more responsiveness, cleanliness, and more.

Check the comparison of Posts Table & WooCommerce Product Table by Barn2 Plugins vs Ninja Tables.

Posts Table with Search & SortNinja TablesWooCommerce Product Table
List WordPress posts checkProduct presentation in table
Multimedia, title, description, categories, etc. checkMultimedia, add-to-cart button, reviews, price, etc.
Advanced filtering and dynamic search checkOne-page order
Custom post type checkSearch, filter, sort
Auto updates with new post checkProduct variation
Easy loading & responsive checkUnlimited products & data
Column customize checkFlexible, fast, and intuitive
Table, row/column size & width checkControl over data
$79/yr 1 site$59/yr 1 site$99/yr 1 site

Made with Ninja Tables

You can see how Ninja Tables literally has every feature you get in two different plugins.

And to be honest, Ninja Tables’ power doesn’t end here!

Examples: WP posts & WooCommerce tables in Ninja Tables

Here’s a live example of how a Ninja Tables WordPress posts table looks-

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It’s a live demo table on the Ninja Tables dashboard. You can search for any blog post from the filters.

And here’s a Ninja Tables WooCommerce products table-

Don’t worry. It’s just a demo table. You can select and add products to cart, but no real order will be placed. There’s no “view cart” option either.

Why pick Ninja Tables?

The table above summarizes what you need to know. However, we got some points to cover.

Saves money!

Posts Table with Search & Sort is definitely a useful plugin to showcase all your WP posts in a nice tabular manner. Likewise, WooCommerce Product Table by Barn2 Plugins ensures a stylish product arrangement.

So, what’s the drawback?

Only $49/yr for Ninja Tables gets you both functions of product tables and posts tables. It’s like a complete plugin packed with other plugins.

Learn all the types of tables you can create with Ninja Tables

Doesn’t crowd the dashboard

Back to our “All-rounder table plugin” point, Ninja Tables will not weigh down your website because it has all the features you usually get from other plugins.

For example-

  • Product variation for WooCommerce
  • Product filter
  • Posts table
  • Table color & design
  • Link embed
  • Product table
  • Default WooCommerce features customization
  • Fast checkout, etc.

Awesome features

This plugin allows you to create and customize all sorts of tables you need.

Top Ninja Tables features

Dynamic Data Sources
Table Creation Options
Customizable Features
WooCommerce product tables
Drag & drop table builder
Table color
Google Sheets auto-sync
Prebuilt Tables
Fluent Forms integration
Conditional formatting
Dynamic data types
Value transformation
WP Posts table
Circle Rating, Ribbon, Button, Star rating, Lightbox
Merge/split cells
Custom CSS
Front-end editing
Custom filters

Made with Ninja Tables Drag & Drop

That’s all for now

Without dragging this article further, we can end it here by pointing out one thing- Ninja Tables saves you time, money, and hassle.

Why would you buy multiple plugins when one plugin can do it all?

It’s the best WordPress data table plugin packed with features but has a smooth interface and usage.

Check out the Barn2 Plugins bundle offer comparison with Ninja Tables while you’re at it. And check out WooCommerce Product Table Alternatives to know the comparative eligibility of Ninja Tables.

Ninja Tables Logo

Ninja Tables– Easiest Table Plugin in WordPress

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